20 Architecture Fails

20 Architecture Fails: Step into a world where architectural mishaps and interior design disasters take center stage. Brace yourself for a visual journey that will leave you bewildered, amused, and perhaps even grateful for the well-designed spaces in your own life. In this collection of jaw-dropping photographs, we delve into the realm of room, house, and stair designs gone terribly wrong. From mind-boggling color choices to perplexing layout decisions, each snapshot offers a glimpse into the eccentricities, oversights, and questionable tastes that have graced these unfortunate spaces.

1. When someone decides they don’t want that door anymore, but haven’t fully committed.

20 Architecture Fails - Railing Blocking Door

2. When you have to have office hours, but don’t want to have office hours…

20 Architecture Fails - Dangerous Door

3. When you have to have everything in your life complete, no matter what.

20 Architecture Fails - Slanted drawer

4. When you’re tired of answering the door for your kids friends and think they should have their own.

20 Architecture Fails-Upstairs door

5. Faucets that are the right size are totally 1999.

20 Architecture Fails - Short Faucet

6. When you need more than one angle to wash your hands.

20 Architecture Fails - Kitchen sink

7. When you budget for the large garage door, but didn’t have anything left for a drive way.

20 Architecture Fails - Garage Door

8. When shelter over the parking spot is more important than the actual spot it’s self.

20 Architecture Fails - Pole blocking parking spot

9. When you have a speech to do, but also need to use the bathroom.

20 Architecture Fails - Pooping on display

10. “Game of Porcelain Thrones.”

20 Architecture Fails - Game of Porcelain Thrones

11. When you need a door, but also need stairs, you work with what you have.

20 Architecture Fails - Door on stairs

12. Two in one sale, seat and toilet paper holder in one!

20 Architecture Fails - Toilet paper roll on toilet seat

13. Good luck doing those stairs in the dark…

20 Architecture Fails - Nightmare stairs

14. When you’re just looking for credit for doing the work and not worrying about the result of the work.

20 Architecture Fails - Tree ramp

15. Low budget secret door way.

20 Architecture Fails - Door behind stairs

16. Just off enough to drive you crazy, but slowly.

20 Architecture Fails - Just slightly off

17. “What do you mean not all wheelchairs come with an off road function?”

20 Architecture Fails - Inaccessible platform

18. When that girl you’ve had a crush on gives you directions to her house…

20 Architecture Fails - Stairs to nowhere

19. When you need a quick exit after you pee…

20 Architecture Fails - Urinal by door

20. What, it’s not normal to have a bathtub at the top of your stairs?

20 Architecture Fails - Bathtub on stairs

In conclusion, it’s hard making things, even when it’s your profession! So maybe next time you’re considering a remodel maybe use these images as reference for what you don’t want! Or, maybe you do? Who are we to judge! We hope you enjoyed these 20 Architecture Fails

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