Your Biggest Catch Won’t Come Close To The Top 5 Fish Caught

So you think you’re a fisherman do you? Like to putter around on your boat on the weekend and try to catch “the big one”. Well you’re not alone. A day fishing is one of the most relaxing things you can do. If you’re someone who takes it seriously, you may have joined a sports fishing event at some point. While you’ve probably caught some fish you were proud of, it’s highly unlikely they come anywhere close to these impressive catches. These are five of the most impressive catches ever! They are all verified catches. As these are older, it’s good to note that none were caught and released. For a catch that’s going to surpass them, it's far more likely they will be caught, weighed beside the boat, and move on! Let the behemoths of the sea go forth and multiply! 

1 – White Shark (2664 Pounds)

They don’t call them the great white shark for nothing. Great white sharks change their feeding patterns depending on their size. When the great white shark is younger and smaller, it will just feed on fish and other fish sized creatures. However, as they get even larger, they typically need to turn to large sea creatures or mammals like sea lions, smallish whales or seals. This catch occurred all the way back in 1959 off the coast of Australia where the great white shark is very common. If you can imagine it, the bait being used was a porpoise! This remains the world record catch at this time. 

2 – Tiger Shark (1785 Pounds)

While it may be almost 900 pounds less than the white shark on the list, this tiger shark comes in at number two on the biggest catch list! Like the great white shark, this tiger shark was caught off the coast of Australia. It was caught fairly recently in 2004. Tiger sharks are solitary and prefer to be on their own. In addition, most people don’t know that tiger sharks are mostly nocturnal. They prefer to do their hunting in the night. Tigers sharks will also eat almost anything. Unfortunately, tiger sharks are approaching an endangered state as they are hunted for their fins. 

3 – Greenland Shark (1708 Pounds) 

Moving on from the dangerous coasts of Australia to the seas surrounding Norway is the third catch on our list. This greenland shark came in at an astonishing 1708 pounds when it was weighed. The angler was using herring as bait. The greenland shark is a very interesting species and has a lifespan that can last between 300-500 years! It also lives fairly deep in the water, meaning that it has adapted and the flesh is inedible when caught. However, the meat can be treated. This reduces the toxicity and allows people to eat it as a delicacy. Typically this is most commonly done in Iceland. 

4 – Pound Black Marlin (1560 Pounds)

Finally, this list moves past the massive sharks that have been caught and start the Marlin. Marlins are immense fish and day trips out to go marlin fishing are common across many seaside resorts around the world. There are many different breeds, but in this specific case, the catch was a black marlin. This marlin came in over 1560 pounds. The bait was some simple mackerel. This specific marlin was found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru and caught back in 1969. 

5 – Bluefin Tuna (1496 Pounds)

While other types of Tuna may be more sought after for eating purposes, no breed of Tuna has been caught bigger than this incredible 1496 bluefin! This catch was made all the way back in 1979. This particular tuna was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, which is located in Canada. Unfortunately the atlantic bluefin is now an endangered species. Bluefin aren’t just fished recreationally near Canada, but can be found quite commonly off the coasts of the United States, France and Spain as well. 

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