Which Class of Vehicle is Best for My Family?

Families who are looking for the ultimate family hauler may be wondering which type of vehicle is best. Well, every class of vehicle has a model that is perfect for certain families. For instance, many people not consider compact cars to be family friendly. However, there are some cases where a compact car will be best for certain kinds of families. The key here is that a family needs to determine their specific needs, such as trunk storage space, vehicle size, price and fuel efficiency. From there, a family can research the best class of vehicle that fits their needs. Afterward, the family can narrow down their vehicle search to find the ideal brand and model vehicle. Below are the five class of vehicles that offer family models. Included in each category description are the common pros and cons of each vehicle class.

1 – Sedans and Wagons

Cars are of course available in two door, four-door and five-door hatchback or station wagon models. Large size cars like sedans will fit enough room for a family with three kids. If a family needs extra room, a station wagon will provide enough storage space for those long road trips. The disadvantages of a family car is that there won't be enough room for really large families. Overall, take a look at large-sized cars and station wagons for getting families around.

2 – Trucks

Trucks are not considered a popular family vehicle. However, if the family likes to go on outdoor adventures, then a pick-up truck will have the large space storage – in the truck's pick-up bed – to haul oversized items. Also, diesel power trucks can provide the towing power to bring a trailer for a boat or a camper. In this class, families will want to consider crew cab trucks that can fit room for up to five family members. The downside to trucks is that they are large and more difficult for small children to enter and exit. However, their good price point and versatility can make up for that.

3 – SUVs and Crossovers

An SUV will often be the best choice for large families. Just about every brand has a three-row SUV option that can allow a family to carry up to eight passengers. For instance, a family with five kids and a dog will want to opt for a full-sized, three-row SUV. The downside to these vehicle is that they can be extremely large, difficult to park and often extremely expensive to fuel. However, families that have more than five members will find that a large-sized SUV will be the best overall option.

4 – Compact Cars

Compact cars are least likely to be considered when it comes to family cars. However, for a small family living in a city, a compact car will be a smart choice. There are some five-door hatchback models that will allow ample amount of space for a family with two small kids. Plus, these vehicles are easy to park and maneuver in tight traffic. Finally, a compact car will usually be the affordable option of any vehicle. The downside is that space is obviously limited. Also, many compacts are relatively underpowered.

5 – Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles can include every type of vehicle from compacts to large SUVs. The main difference here is that the vehicle is fueled by electric power rather than by gasoline. Currently, there are electric vehicles available for any sized family. Also, driving an electric vehicle can protect a family from rising gas prices. The downside is that electric vehicles tend to be more expensive than gas vehicles. However, some states – like California – offer generous tax credits for electric vehicle purchases. Families than live in a state with high gas prices and electric vehicle tax credits, will want to seriously consider an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are ideal for families in cities or towns which don’t stray too far and avoid long road trips.

6 – Minivans

Often forgotten these days, the Minivan continues to be one of the best options for a large family. While many have turned to the SUV, the minivan is still probably the best way to fit 7 or 8 people into a single car. The downside to minivans is that there is certainly a stigma. People don’t enjoy driving them and they tend to wallow with limited speed when being driven. However, there’s little out there which will move a family as well as a minivan.

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