Which Breed of Dog is Right For You?

If you’re looking for a new pet, it’s difficult to go wrong when you choose a dog. The different breeds offer a perfect new friend for almost anyone with different tastes. Whether you’re looking for a cuddle buddy on the couch, or a hiking partner to explore the wilds with, there’s the right dog for you out there.

But which dog should you choose? With the huge number of breeds available out there, it can sometimes seem hard to choose. Choosing a dog is a huge commitment to people. These partners are going to be with you for years. They are also a huge responsibility. But the love and friendship a dog can give to a person or family is incredible.

1 – Bulldogs

These wonderful breeds are willful and will require a stern hand. It’s not that they aren’t intelligent animals, it’s that sometimes they will just do what they want. The bulldog makes a great family pet and is known for bursts of energy, followed by long periods of napping. The downside to bulldogs is that their years of breeding has led to a lower life expectancy than some others, lasting only around 8 to 10 years on average.

2 – Labrador Retrievers

These are the most popular breed in all of America. They are so incredibly friendly and the absolute perfect dog for a family. Their size provides a sense of security and safety for a family, but they are a gentle and kind breed at the same time. The breeds come in a variety of different colors, with the blonde or white versions being most people’s favorites.

3 – German Shepherd

These dogs have a proud tradition as a working dog. They are incredibly intelligent dogs which can be trained to do just about anything. German Shepherds can become somewhat territorial if they aren’t socialized from a young age. Their urge to protect may result in them being grumpy to house guests until they consider them worthy of visiting.

4 – Poodles

If there’s one breed that divides opinions, it’s the poodle. People who have poodles love them. Those who don’t enjoy them, really don’t. This is often due to the extravagant grooming that large poodles undergo. In addition to the full size poodle, there’s also miniature poodles, which make wonderful pets for apartments and smaller areas. Poodles have an advantage in the fact that their hair is hypoallergenic and allows people with dog allergies to find a friend of their own.

5 – Boxers

The boxer is a great all around dog. Boxers are very strongly built and many people see their strong muscles as fearsome. The truth however is that most boxers are incredibly affectionate friends who will be very happy to cuddle up on the couch. They are smart, energetic and have a great coat.

6 – Dachshunds

It’s amazing how popular these funny little dogs are. Commonly called “wiener dogs” by some people, they are exciting and lively dogs that have a great personality. There are variations in Dachshunds in both size, and length of fur. Both short and long hair versions are pretty popular.

7 – Welsh Corgi

Another distinctive breed, the Corgi’s make great pets. They are surprisingly athletic and energetic dogs. This is a surprise to many people who judge them on their little legs. They were bred that way for herding, The Corgi has huge ears and a tiny tail, which appeals to a lot of different people aesthetically.

8 – Boston Terrier

If you’re looking for a smaller dog with boundless energy, then the Boston Terrier may be the one for you. They have huge eyes and large pointy ears which make them very expressive dogs. Boston Terriers only come in their black and white “formal wear” coloring and bond incredibly well with their masters.

9 – Pug

These are well known as the darlings of the internet. Pug videos are everywhere. Pugs are all about attention and want to please their masters and play. Pugs are a bit top heavy. It’s important to be careful when they are swimming to make sure that they don’t tip over and go down like a submarine.

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