What Are the Best Places to Buy Cheap Domains?

Today's world is all about online business. In order for an online business to run successfully, it is imperative that the business owner has a fully functional website. Setting up a website has become common knowledge for younger people these days, but for those who do not know, having a website requires the following key elements in order to operate: Web hosting and domain name. Web hosting is similar to where the website will "live" on the internet. The website creator finds a suitable hosting company and pays a monthly or yearly fee to them in exchange for hosting their website. A domain name is a URL which directs the user to the website. Every website must have a domain name, and it is important to have a catchy and memorable domain name in order to build rapport with customers. Sometimes, these two separate services are combined with one company. Many online business owners find this convenient. Regardless, this article will focus on the cheapest place online to purchase domain names, and thus will act as a guide to help determine the best places to go to find cheap domain names.

1 – GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a veteran of the online world. The company has been providing website creators with cheap domain names for decades. Using the service is already pretty seamless and straightforward. Upon arriving on GoDaddy.com, the customer merely needs to input the domain name they are interested in. GoDaddy's search engine will show you if it is available or not, and the price for the domain name, usually quoted as a yearly price. GoDaddy will also provide the user with suggestions with other similar domain names, especially if the domain the user was looking for is unavailable. Once the domain is selected, the user will be prompted to purchase additional add-ons and security, but the average domain name costs $9.99-$11.99 per year on GoDaddy. Hosting services can also be obtained through GoDaddy for an additional fee. This eliminates the need to have to seek out a separate hosting company, although let it be known that many customers find GoDaddy's web hosting service to be limited since they do not offer WordPress (see Bluehost section below).

2 – Namecheap

As the name implies, Namecheap.com is a great option when looking for a place to buy cheap domain names online. Like GoDaddy, the user will be able to easily search for domain names on the site. Namecheap is very simple to use and intuitive for new website developers. That is why so many people choose to purchase their domain name through Namecheap, and remain loyal to the company later on down the road. Someone brand new to the online world could easily figure out the domain search feature and have their very own domain within minutes. The pricing remains consistent with an annual fee of $10.69 for the domain name. Hosting services are also available directly through Namecheap.

3 – Bluehost

Bluehost is likely the Goliath of the website building world. This is because they provide their customers with a seamless process of buying domain names and web hosting services. Once a customer sets up an account on Bluehost, they have all their websites available in one location which proves to be very convenient and saves time. Unlike GoDaddy, Bluehost uses a software called WordPress for their hosting, and many people prefer using Bluehost for this very reason. Bluehost just has more versatility with its web hosting services as does WordPress. As for cheap domain names, they have you covered there too. If the user chooses to go with Bluehost for their web hosting needs, then the domain name will even be included. This package is $6.95 per month which is rather cost effective all things considered. The downside for Bluehost is that their domain name search is not up to par with the other two contenders on this list. Moreover, the entire website is not the most user-friendly for someone who is new to the online world whereas GoDaddy and Namecheap are both easy for anyone to navigate.

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