Treat Your Dog With the Perfect Food

Every dog deserves a healthy meal when they finish working up an appetite running around in the yard. When a young puppy plays fetch with its owner, that dog is burning as much energy as an athlete does while working in a training field. The amount of energy the dog has to play with its owner and run on its own is dictated by the type of food the owner is buying for the animal. Since the dog is relying on its owner to put the most nutritious food in their dish, the owner must blame themselves if their pooch is acting lethargic.

The same rules apply to all breeds, and dogs need proper nutrition at every stage of their development. Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility. However, raising and caring for animals is an enriching experience for every animal lover.

Determining a Dog's Diet

Many pet owner's need to prepare special feeding arrangements for their pets. Nutrition is an issue that every pet owner should consider when they purchase food because some of the cheap brands of dog food are loaded with ingredients that will impact the dog's behavior and livelihood. Another important issue to consider when buying food for dogs is weight control. If a dog has issues with maintaining a healthy weight, the dog should be placed on a special diet to help with this issue.

Packages of dog food are marked with ingredients, and many brands indicate the age of the dog for which the product is intended. It's important for pet owners to follow the manufacturer's recommended serving size, and every owner should read labels to ensure the food correlates closely with the age of the dog. If the pet owner has issues finding the appropriate food, they should take their dog to a veterinarian to listen to a professional's opinion on what type of nutrition will meet their dog's needs. In the end, some dogs are picky too. Hopefully you can find one that’s both nutritious and tastes good to your dog. 

What Makes a Good Kibble?

The perfect type of dog food is filled with nutrition that the animal needs, and the food should satisfy the dog's appetite. Finding a food that appeals to the dog's taste palette shouldn't be difficult because dog's are typically not picky eaters. However, some pet owners need to pick out specific flavors to meet their dog's desires for a tasty meal. Satisfying the dog's appetite includes feeding the dog enough food to satiate the dog's hunger.

Every animal has their own needs, so the perfect kibble will depend upon the activity level of the dog and its stage in life. Puppies are highly active, and they require a special blend of ingredients to give their growing bodies enough nutrition to mature into a healthy adult. There are plenty of foods for puppies at pet stores, and other options exist for pet owners who are shopping for older animals as well. If the dog has a medical issue, their vet will be able to recommend the best kibble.

Popular Dog Food Brands

There are many different brands which can be chosen when you’re looking to feed your canine friend. The following three are some of the most popular options, but this is by no means a comprehensive list. 

  • Natural Balance – Natural Balance's Limited Ingredients Diet is a line of products which includes dry foods made with lamb, chicken, sweet potato, and other real ingredients. These foods are for pet owners that want to filter out all the garbage that cheap dog food companies put into their recipes.
  • Blue Buffalo – Another brand that is popular among pet owners that care about the nutritional needs of their pets is Blue Buffalo. This brand has a line of dog food called Optimal Prey Nutrition. The ingredients used in Blue Buffalo products are similar to those that dogs would eat in the wild, like chicken, fish, and some vegetable options.
  • Hill's Science Diet – Science Diet is a brand of dog food that is popular among veterinarians. If a dog is having health issues, a vet might recommend changing the dog's diet to one of Science Diet's recipes. For example, Hill's Science Diet offers a special blend of food for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
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