Think Investing Doesn’t Work? Check Out These 5 Investor Millionaires!

When it comes to investing, everyone has heard of Warren Buffet. The man has become synonymous with investing. It may seem unattainable to people to invest and make that kind of profit. However, the right investment strategy can result in great returns! You don’t need to start with the largest nest egg. Shrewd investments will result in profits, which can in turn be used in more investing! Investments grow quickly when done right. 

If you’re a beginner investor, start by educating yourself on the various forms of investment you’re interested in. Learn how stocks, etfs, bonds and commodities are bought and sold. From there, plan your strategy. There are plenty of stories of small investors or big ones becoming famous investors. By determining a sound investment strategy, you can build your own money and maybe one day reach the status of millionaire or billionaire like these 5 people! 

1 – Peter Lynch

This list starts off with Peter Lynch. He became the head of an investment fund worth around $20 million in 1977. In only 13 years, that fund grew to an incredible $14 billion in assets! The Magellen Fund as it was called had the best 20 year return of any mutual fund in financial history. It’s no surprise that he’s become a famous investor despite modest beginnings! 

2 – Peter Thiel

It must be nice to have a net worth of 2.5 billion dollars. Peter Thiel works as an  investment venture capitalist. After selling PayPal, Peter Thiel has invested in a large number of huge companies including Facebook. He’s known as the first person to invest in Facebook from the outside when he bought about 10%. His investment paid off when Facebook eventually sold and netted his investment a billion dollars in return! Primarily a technology investor, Peter Thiel has aimed at investing specifically in companies instead of using mutual funds or diverse stocks like many others on this list. 

3 –  “Mr. Smith”

While not his real name, this investor didn’t want to release his name for their story. That anonymity was a large part of what made Bitcoin so popular for a brief period. Anyone could buy and they didn’t need to. Mr. Smith turned a $3,000 early investment into over $25,000,000 in only a few years. Check out this Forbes article for the full story. The highlights include purchasing bitcoin when the prices was only $0.15! Mr. Smith sold off some of his bitcoin as the price rose. He was smart and didn’t sell off everything at once. He’s continued to reap the results over time. While he sold quite a bit while the price of bitcoin was at a record high, even now he still has some and is preparing to hold onto it until it reaches an insanely high price per bitcoin. 

4 – Ronald Read

This is one of the most interesting and impressive smaller millionaire stories out there today. Ronald Read spent his early life as a soldier. He followed that up by working at a gas station. Finally, he worked as a janitor at simple JCPenny. At the time of his death, Ronald had a very impressive 8 million in wealth! The vast majority of his wealth was in his investments. When he passed on, he had stocks in over 95 different companies. His strategy wasn’t fancy. He invested in big name companies that were considered boring and safe investments. He diversified into many fields to make sure that nothing would get hit too hard. Then he let them grow. This story shows that investing early in small amounts can make a huge difference. 

5 – Charlie Geller and Jamie Shipley

This duo is better known for their portrayal in the movie “The Big Short”. Starting their own small investment firm, the duo (and their friend Ben Rickert) went on to short the housing market before the housing crash. Their small investment firm managed to turn their modest investments of around 15 million into an 800% profit by the end. Their own investment and returns were substantial. Both came away from the ordeal somewhat jaded by the market and the power of the banks. Each still works in finance, but have stayed smaller and away from the major banks. Not every investment that works feels good to win.

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