These Tips Can Help With Prepping for the SAT

The SAT evaluates a student’s math, reading, language and writing skills. Along with the basic sections of the test there is also an optional essay writing section. On a Saturday morning, students go to a testing location and sit down to take this test with others who are interested in going to college. Though the content of the SAT relates to what students learn in their high school courses, there are some ways they can prepare for this important test. One thing for students to keep in mind is to start preparing for the SAT several weeks before their test date. That way, they don’t feel stressed out and rushed as they study for the various sections on this test. Discover some tips that can help students who are preparing for the SAT.

1 – Take a practice test

This is one of the most effective tips for SAT preparation. There are many SAT practice tests available online that can be of help. Taking a practice test allows students to find out what skills they’ve mastered, and which ones need to brush up on. Plus, taking a timed SAT practice test gives students an idea of how quickly they need to work in order to finish each section while still within the amount of time they are given. It’s always best for students to leave a little time to recheck answers to make sure they put down what they wanted for each question.

2 – Make a study plan

Students who make a specific plan for their SAT preparation are able to study in a more effective way than simply moving from topic to topic in random fashion. A student may want to focus on a different subject each day. Maybe Monday’s study time will involve math practice while Tuesday’s study time will be focused on practicing for the essay portion of the test. The most important thing when making a study plan is to cover every subject in a balanced way.

3 – Create flashcards for the vocabulary section

For some students, remembering the definitions of various vocabulary words can be a sticking point on the SAT. If so, making flashcards can be a helpful study tip. Students should simply write the vocabulary word on one side and its definition on the other. This is an easy way to learn vocabulary, the answers to math problems and more. Once words or math problems are learned, those flashcards can be set aside in favor of others that need attention.

4 – Set aside at least an hour for SAT study each day

Another helpful study tip for students preparing for the SAT is to incorporate study time into their daily schedule. This makes it easier to stay on schedule with SAT preparation. So, after studying for their high school science class or math class, students can study sentence structure or Algebra for the SAT. Two friends who are preparing for the SAT can quiz one another on math problems or vocabulary words during a study session to vary the routine.

5 – Quiz yourself with flashcards throughout the day

Besides the scheduled study time, students can take in a lot of information by studying their flashcards throughout the day. Waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting to see the dentist or waiting for the bus are all great opportunities to get some quizzing in with a stack of vocabulary or math flashcards. Flashcards can be tucked into a purse, backpack or a coat pocket making them a versatile and convenient study tool. There are even virtual flashcards that can be designed in any way a student wants.

6 – Take a follow up timed practice test to evaluate your study progress

After two to three weeks of studying for the SAT, it’s a good idea for a student to take another practice test. These results let the student know if he or she has improved. If there is improvement, the student knows to keep studying in the same way. If there is little improvement, a student knows to change the study routine in order to get better results on the next SAT practice test. It is always wise to check for improvement.

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