These Pajama Styles Are Sure to Please Anyone

Not enough credit is given to the gloriousness of pajamas. They provide an excessive amount of comfort to people as they sleep, or when they just feel like spending a lazy Sunday at home when it’s raining out. Pajamas are the physical manifestation of a relaxing sigh. 

In order for pajamas to be right for a person, they need to make them feel happy. Maybe they help them feel extra comfortable through soft materials like silk and satin. Maybe they keep a person warm on cold nights in the winter. Perhaps they make you feel strong, confident and admire your own appearance. If you aren’t as happy with your pajamas as you would like to be, then maybe try some of these styles that can be great for both men and women! 

1 – Traditional Two Piece Pajamas

These are a traditional pajama style which features both shirt and pants and commonly worn by both men and women. The shirts tend to be button up shirts and often feature pockets on the front, giving them a bit of a feel of a suit jacket. The pants can be drawstring, but elastic is more common at this point. Some of them may feature a button fly. These can be made of almost any fabric. Some men like to add in a monogram to take the fanciness to the next level. 

2 – Onesies

Many people have returned to a style that was popular in older times. Onesies offer up a single piece pajama that is usually done up with buttons. There are several different versions of onesies. Many put feet on the bottom for some extra warmth (and perhaps some extra static electricity). Onesides also tend to put a flap on the behind so that people don’t have to remove the entire pajamas to use the washroom on cold winter nights. Onesies are popular to both men and women. 

3 – Night Shirt

You can make Scrooge proud by trying out his pajama of choice, the night shirt. Night shirts are long flowing options which open up once past the knees. Many people choose to wear underwear under their nights shirt, but it’s not a necessity in all cases. While both men and women wear night shirts, it can be argued that men make more use of them. A jaunty sleeping cap can add the final touch to this set of pajamas. 

4 – Dressing Gowns/Robes/Kimonos

There’s a wide variety of different types of this same concept that can be worn by both men and women. Sometimes worn as pajamas, the dressing gown, robe or kimono is often worn into bed, then removed just before falling asleep. They can have different purposes as well. The heavier the material, the more they’re intended for warmth and plushness. Kimonos work on the opposite idea and tend to be made of silk or similar materials. Both men and women enjoy the comfort applied through these pajama overgarments. 

5 – Lingerie

While mostly for women, the expanded role and definition of lingerie means anyone can wear it. Lingerie not really refers to any sort of pajama or underwear that makes a person feel sexy and confident about themselves. Often made of silk or satin, lingerie has moved away from just being super revealing and now seems to be about being empowering instead! Never wear something that doesn’t make you happy is the best rule of lingerie.

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