These 5 Smart Appliances are Changing Home Ownership

The internet and wifi have allowed innovative scientists to put technology into almost every type of appliance and device that frequents our home. These contributions to the “internet of things” allows people to avoid many of the pitfalls that using them could. Now, a stove can alert a person that their dinner is burning or that their pie is ready to be taken out. A fridge can alert someone if their milk is turning bad. Clothing is better cleaned by smart appliances, keeping a person looking better and saving money.

Smart appliances provide two things to people. They provide convenience through additional information. This may be alarms or status of things without you having to go check. The other way they make things better is through intelligent design. These smart machines function better because of their intelligence. They use less resources and do their job better.

The Best Types of Smart Appliances

1. Smart Fridge

Many may not realize just how useful a connected smart fridge is. A smart fridge allows people to manage their food consumption and lower their bills. By using a smart fridge, many people will find their bills drop because they avoid spoilage. Smart fridges keep food fresher, because they can track what is inside and know how to better keep the items their freshest. What’s great is you can access a smart fridge while you are at the store from your phone. You can see exactly what is inside so that you aren’t buying milk when you just did it two days ago.

2. Smart Washer

Everyone has laundry. The basic concept of laundry has not changed much in the last 50 years. Until the introduction of a smart washer that is. Smart washers take the time and annoyance that is the chore of laundry, and makes things easier. Smart washers have pre-programmed settings for almost every type of fabric and article of clothing. Also, rather than loud buzzers when a cycle is completed, a simple buzz to your phone will let you know that it’s ready. That’s assuming the washer isn’t a combination unit with the following smart appliance.

3. Smart Dryer

The natural companion to the smart washer is a smart dryer. These machines are able to measure the dampness of clothing, so that the clothing is dried to an optimal level. This allows clothing to look better and last longer. In turn, this saves money. People need to buy less clothing as theirs will last longer. In addition, the dryer uses less of whichever utility is powering it (gas, electricity, etc…), saving even more money to the owner.

4. Smart Thermostats

These thermostats are an absolute no brainer when it comes to household smart appliances. These gadgets allow you to program behavior and ensure the proper heating and cooling of your house. These smart thermostats are absolutely genius and will adjust to your own habits. When you turn down the thermostat repeatedly at night, they will learn from it and do so automatically. They will also learn when you are away from the house, and know to turn down the temperature then as well. Currently the best two on the market are the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Ecobee3.

5. Smart Stoves

Another appliance that has been enhanced by a connection to the internet is the stove and oven in a home. These stoves will automatically detect potentially dangerous situations. They can tell when an item is burning or on fire within the stove. Further to that, these smart stoves will often offer up dual temperatures within. This allows different foods to be cooked at the perfect temperature so that every meal comes out exactly as people hope.

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