These 5 Famous Weddings Were Incredible Moments in Time

A wedding is an incredible moment in time. The joining of two people for life is a celebration of love unlike any other. Not all weddings are created equal though. There are many famous weddings of celebrities or other famous people that have caught the imagination of people around the world. Many of these weddings have been televised (at least parts of them) or have developed into legends through the stories that come from them. Many of these weddings cost in the millions of dollars to throw. That’s a far cry from the average cost of a United States wedding (around $25,000). Most of these were best observed through TV or tabloid magazines. If you love a good wedding, check out what may be the five most incredible weddings of all time! 

1 – Royal Wedding: The Sequel (Prince William and Kate Middleton)

There may be a little recency bias involved here, but the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding tops the list of famous and incredible weddings. It had been a while since there was a tremendous royal event, so this wedding at Westminster Abbey blew people away. Any wedding which features a horse-drawn carriage through millions of onlookers stands out as a special one. If there’s one thing England can do right, it’s “formal”. This wedding excitement was only beaten out by the Royal Baby excitement that was soon to follow in England! 

2 – Royal Wedding: The Original (Prince Charles and Lady Diana) 

The younger generation may forget about Princess Diana and her fairy tale wedding to Prince Charles. This wedding is considered to be the most expensive wedding of all time, with the bill running north of $110 million dollars! I guess that’s what you get when your wedding dress has over 10,000 pearls sewn into it. This 1981 wedding was viewed by 750 million people live on TV, with 3500 of the most influential people in the world on hand as live witnesses. An 18 carat ring was the final showpiece and would actually be passed down to Prince William to give to Kate Middleton later. 

3 – The Social Media Merger (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)

People may argue that Kim Kardashian lacks talent, but people love her and everything about her. Kanye is the lyrical wordsmith of a generation! The two chose to get married in Florence, in one of the most beautiful weddings ever. The wedding reportedly cost around $18 million dollars, so it better look great! While the wedding itself took place in Florence, everyone was flown in by private jet on the day off, as most had spread out throughout Europe (including a giant Paris bachelorette party) for hijinks the day before! 

4 – 7’th Heaven (Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky)

Many people made a lot of jokes about Elizabeth Taylor and her series of weddings, but seventh husband Larry Fortensky had the most famous of Elizabeth’s weddings. Mr. Fortensky met Liz Taylor while they were both in rehab. The wedding itself was conducted at Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch and was loaded with celebrity guests like Eddie Murphy, Macaulay Culkin and of course Michael Jackson himself. While the marriage was only 5 years old, it was at least an amicable end between the two. 

5 – Short But Sweet (Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise)

We’re only talking about beautiful and incredible weddings, not the marriages that happen afterwards. When Katie and Tom got married, it was another incredible Italian wedding. Armani took care of all the attire and after the ceremony, the now married couple were serenaded to their reception. That’s not that impressive, except it was Andrea Bocelli doing the serenading! While people may only remember this couple for Tom Cruise jumping around on a couch like an insane person in front of Oprah, the thing they should remember the most is this beautiful and incredible wedding.

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