There’s Nothing Like Travel to Australia

Australia is a world apart. Both a continent and a country, it's home to millions of people. Visiting Australia is a chance to explore some of the world's most vibrant cities. It's also an opportunity to stretch out along beautiful beaches and head to the interior to see ancient potentially untouched places. Friendly and welcoming Australians love to show off their fabled country to outsiders. Those who are planning a trip right now should keep several factors in mind. Allow enough time to get there and get between places of interest. Australia is a vast place. Getting from one destination to the next can take hours and even days. Time enough to relax is essential and take it all in is essential.

Where to Stay

One of the best things about visiting Australia is there are so many wonderful places to stay. Upscale, luxury accommodations welcome visitors from around the globe with fabulous, world class service. For those looking for a place by the famous Gold Coast, the Xanadu Holiday Resort is right next door to the ocean and offers lots of chances to swim all day long. The high rise resort also offers wonderful coastal views from every window and lush amenities that are designed for total outdoor enjoyment in the warm Australian sun. Further up the coast lies another popular resort. Ingenia Holidays Cairns is the ideal place to bring children on a holiday. This is a resort totally devoted to family fun at every turn. There's an onsite water park and lots of babysitting on hand for parents to have some free time. Those who prefer city life can stay at the Oaks On William in Melbourne. With a a central location right in the heart of town, it's easier than ever to sample all that Melbourne has to offer day and night. Sydney is another must-see city. Elegant accommodations can be found at the beautiful Park Hyatt Sydney. Set along the world renowned harbor, the Park Hyatt offers incredible views across the entire area. The central location means that seeing Sydney on foot is easy.

Delightful Activities

Australians enjoy a relatively mild climate. Travelers can join them with incredible activities designed to take full advantage of it. Start by going bungee jumping in Cairns. It's a safe and wonderful activity that offers an opportunity to dare to do something new and adventurous. White water rafting is another popular regional activity. There are lots of rivers in Australia with wonderful waves just right for a day of rafting. The Tully is a fast moving river that will bring you along. If you like something a bit more gentle, ocean rafting might be right for your tastes. At Airlie Beach, people can hit the water with an expert who shows them all the regional sites they want to see and allows them to enjoy the view from the coast at the same time. Surfing is another popular outdoor activity that many people want to try. There's plenty of beaches right for all skill levels. Byron Bay is ideal for beginners with lots of gentle waves. People who are ready to embrace adventure in all forms can consider another way to experience the area.

Must See Sights

When planning a trip to Australia, it can be hard to narrow down which sites belong at the top. Several places move to the very top of any list for most travelers. A trip to Uluru is one that locals and international visitors alike truly appreciate. This ancient site is moving and full of intense color with every single step. Nearby Alice Springs makes it easy to stay close within driving distance. Another place that travelers should see is the astonishing Great Barrier Reef. Located just offshore, it's home to thousands of fish species. Work with a guide to get there and head under the waters. On the other side of the continent, the lovely blue Turquoise Coast in Western Australia is home to the Pinnacles Desert. Large limestone pillars are framed by warm beaches and amazing fish. Nature lovers should not miss the opportunity to watch hatching turtles in Queensland. They come out at night at Mon Repos Conservation Park. Guided tours allow people to watch. The Great Ocean Road lies along the coast near the city of Melbourne. It's an ideal way to explore this part of the world and enjoy sites such as Bells Beach as well as the magnificent forests of historic Otway National Park. Allow at least several hours to embrace it all in person.

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