There’s More to Italy than Rome: Check Out These Incredible Cities!

With all of the beautiful cities Italy has to offer, it’s clear as to why so many travelers have it on their bucket list. Many people visit Italy from around the world for the historic cities, pristine coastlines, snow-capped mountains and endless museums, not to mention the world’s best pizzas, pastas and wine. Everyone should visit Italy at least once in their life, with so much art, history and beauty there’s a wealth of things to do and places to see that will make your trip one to remember.

Of course, everyone is familiar with Rome, which has been coined one of the greatest cities on earth, but there are many other beautiful cities to visit and discover that will provide a truly remarkable experience. With so many riches to explore and unexpected pleasures to discover in this legendary country, let’s see some of the top 5 cities to visit while in Italy:

1 – Verona

Verona is not only a beautiful city in Italy, but also where Romeo and Juliet was set. This city is bursting with sightseeing opportunities from the ancient ruins, to medieval castles and historic churches. Wander through Centro Storico, which is the historic center of Verona where you’ll find outdoor cafes, the Verona Arena and the famous balcony of Juliet's house. When planning your visit to Verona, plan at least one full day to discover all that this beautiful city has to offer.

2 – Venice

Venice is known as Italy’s most beautiful and romantic city. It’s a popular destination choice amongst travelers and is unlike any other place in the world. Venice is filled with palaces, churches and museums floating on over 100 small islands linked together by bridges and canals. There aren’t any buses or traffic, which leaves the streets of Venice open to wander. Explore the architectural wonders, endless craftsmen, markets, galleries, cafes, theaters and more. The best time of the year to travel to Venice is during the off-season in the autumn and winter months.

3 – Naples

Naples is a city that at least everyone should visit once in their lifetime. If you are wanting beautiful scenery and brilliant architecture, this is the best city to visit. Get the chance to hike Mount Vesuvius, see the ruins of Pompeii, tour underground shelters, gardens, a theater and more while visiting Naples. Florence is also famous for its pizza and desserts, making it a popular tourist attraction for food lovers.

4 – Florence

Florence is known for inspiring so many artists and writers with its graceful buildings and cobblestoned streets. Its Renaissance architecture and art centers are crowded with tourists showcasing the famous paintings and sculptures of Michelangelo and Botticelli. Along with Florence’s stunning architecture are palaces and gardens surrounded by the beautiful countryside. If you have a love for fashion, you’ll be happy to know that Italy’s fashion industry was born and bred here. Not only is Florence great for shopping, but it’s a wine lover’s dream city surrounded by wine-rich hills and gourmet cuisine. The best time to travel to Florence is during the spring months where the weather is beautiful, flowers are blossoming and festivals are taking place.

5 – Lucca

Lucca is just a short train ride from Florence and home to roughly 85,000 residents. This is the perfect city to visit for a day trip to explore the beautiful cobblestoned streets, elegant palaces and elaborate churches. Lucca is actually known as the city of a hundred churches because of its large amount of historical religious structures. A few must-see attractions that are worth checking out include Guinigi Tower and Lucca Cathedral. The museums here are known to hold some of the oldest and most fascinating artifacts in all of Italy, which makes them a popular tourist hot spot.

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