The Top Fourteen Amenities That Add Value to Your Home

Your home is your castle, and with a few added amenities it can become even cozier while also increasing its value in the event you decide to sell it in the future. In fact, according to top real estate brokers, most buyers like knowing they are buying into a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, when in the market to purchase a new home, they typically look for properties with lots of high-end features.

When it comes to improving your home, there are various amenities to choose from which can add value to your property. While not every amenity may apply to every home, the ability to upgrade a home will usually come down to a willingness to put in the work. Some of the most sought-after amenities include:

1. Large and Ample Windows

Large and ample windows help open your home up to surrounding views and settings, which is especially desirable if you are in a location with incredible views, such as a waterfront, wood-front or skyline-front property. It also provides lots of natural light, which many luxury home-buyers also prefer. Furthermore, investing in energy efficient windows helps keep cold air out during the cooler months as well as hot air out during the warmer months for a cozy home year-round while taking in those amazing views.

2. Marble/Quartz Features

Marble/quartz features are very sought after in today's real estate market, and they can be used just about anywhere in your home, including the counter-tops, the backsplash, on pillars, on walls, and even on floors. This provides a tastefully modern touch, which many home-buyers prefer. It is especially appealing when accompanied in spaces with lots of natural light.

3. Smart Home/Security System

Many home buyers own multiple properties, or they travel for extended periods at a time; therefore, they often look for homes that include a security system to help monitor the property when they are absent. They especially prefer security systems that enable them to control various aspects of their home from any location and include cameras and online access. This allows the homeowner to manage the property while they are away.

4. Privacy Features

According to top real estate brokers, security hedges, walls and other features that provide complete privacy and protection from neighbors are perhaps the most sought-after amenities of all.

5. LED Lighting

LED lighting helps increase your home's energy efficiency, which is a must with many home buyers today. In fact, when potential buyers see that you have incorporated energy efficient modifications into the property, they are able to imagine huge savings on their investment, which helps make your home more desirable.

According to reports, adding LED lighting can increase your home's value by up to three percent. They also eliminate the need to consistently change your light bulbs as, in many cases, they last up to 23 years. They also emit less heat, which means you won't consume excessive electricity, while they also help save on cooling costs.

6. Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances, such as the stove, the refrigerator, and the microwave, add a professional feel to your home, which many home cooks prefer. They also enhance the look or your kitchen while also being functional. In fact, according to one home appraisal expert, upgrading the kitchen appliances to ones that are functional, appealing, and high-quality is the main way to improve your kitchen.

7. Wood Floors

Wood floors add a cozy warmth to your home, which many home buyers prefer, and they replace carpeting, which can become stuffy and require a lot of maintenance to upkeep. In fact, according to top brokers, many carpets are being replaced with engineered wood flooring, which provides the same look of real wool but costs less and tends to be longer lasting.

8. A Deck or Patio

A deck or patio provides an extended livable outdoor space, which many buyers prefer.

In fact, reports show that a deck yields more than seventy percent of your investment once the home is sold.

Adding an awning or a cover to your deck or patio makes it suitable for year-round living. Meanwhile, a deck off the top floor provides an expanded view of the night sky as well as the surrounding area.

9. Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting helps give your home more appeal at night, while also increasing your home's safety. This in turn adds value to your home. You can also use LED lighting to illuminate your yard for increased savings. Furthermore, landscape lighting can be solar powered, battery powered, or hard-wired to your home.

10. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen allows for outdoor entertaining and is especially preferred with waterfront properties and properties with a view of the swimming pool. Adding an outdoor kitchen to properties in warm climate regions allows for year-round outdoor entertaining, which many buyers also prefer. The kitchen need not be a full one, and even something like an outdoor pizza oven adds a lot of value.

11. State-Of-The-Art Fitness Center

Having your own state-of-the-art fitness center in your home allows you to workout at your own convenience and also helps preserve your privacy, which many people lack at the gym. It also helps keep you motivated. Therefore, many home buyers often look for properties that include an onsite state-of-the-art fitness center for added convenience.

12. Home Theater

Many men often prefer homes with a home theater for ease of entertainment. Likewise, they also tend to prefer homes with wine rooms, cigar rooms, and bowling alleys for added flair. While some of these are structurally difficult to add, adding a great home theater isn’t.

13. Luxurious Bath

Women typically make the final decision when it comes to purchasing a home, and apart from a beautiful kitchen, they also prefer a luxurious bath. Therefore, adding high-quality finishes to your bath in addition to other luxurious bath features will help increase your property's selling point.

14. Playhouse for Kids

Probably the number one reason a buyer looks for a home is they want a yard for their kids. Therefore, adding a safe and entertaining space for children, such as a playhouse, will have a positive effect on parents who are interested in buying your property.

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