The Top Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Cleaning Service

Choosing a cleaning company is oftentimes a laborious experience, although understanding the qualities that any worthwhile professional brings to the table considerably eases the process of finding the best cleaners. Whether you’re hiring cleaners for your home, office, or business space, find a contractor who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty or go the extra mile to keep your space looking its absolute best. It feels amazing when working with a company that excels expectations and always places your needs on a pedestal. But, how can you ever choose the right cleaner for your needs when the monstrous selection of choices exists? It isn’t as difficult as it seems if you aren't afraid to dig deep to research and learn the information that you need to make the right choice. Use the tips below when sorting through the cleaning company choices to minimize the headaches that come when searching for a cleaning prof.

1. License & Insurance

Never hire a cleaning company that does not carry license and insurance. This decision oftentimes leads to subpar results with little remedy for your dissatisfaction. It can also cause extravagant expense if an injury occurs on your property. Rather than endure the headache of working with an unprofessional, possibly unethical company, ask for proof of license and insurance before you hire. Most cleaning companies broadcast this information in their office or on their website. If it isn't freely posted, simply ask and you shall receive.

2. Experience

Choosing an inexperienced company might save a small amount of cash if you find a company that wants to increase their image, but it is safe to say that the amount is minimal and not worth the headaches that could occur. Experienced cleaning companies want satisfied customers who return to them for service again and again. They clean every inch of your building, leaving no corner dirty. They even know the tricks of the trade that the other guys might not. Always look for a company bringing a few years of experience to the table.

3. Reputation

Request references from each cleaning company you’re interested in hiring. Check these references by making a phone call or sending them an email. Valuable information is offered when checking references; don’t be shy. Be wary of any company lacking references. Many companies also carry written testimonials from their customers that might be of value. Don’t stop with references, however, and use the internet to browse customer reviews, complaints, etc. Ask friends, family, and even business associated with their advice concerning the best cleaning company, too.

4. Certifications

There is enhanced confidence in a job well done when a cleaning company that has certifications is hired. Certified companies are those who’ve gone the extra mile to learn the proper techniques of cleaning. Look for cleaners that carry certifications from organizations like the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVIS,) the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA,) and/or CIMS Green Building. Companies that carry these certifications have taken extra steps to ensure they’re cleaning your facility the right way.

5. Price

Free estimates are available upon request. Use them to compare services and rates with a few different companies before hiring. Do not choose a company based on price alone, but certainly use it as a contributing factor. A good cleaning company knows the first way to make their customers happy is with great services. The second way to make them happy is with great pricing. Do not settle for a company that isn’t willing to offer a great price on the services that you need.

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