The Smart Home Is Here: What Can You Do With It?

Technology is finding its way into everything. This connected world is known as the internet of things. Inanimate objects feeding data into the cloud, which in turn helps make decisions and alerts humans. The internet of things isn’t going anywhere.

One of the most common and accessible aspect of this internet of things is the concept of a smart home. Smart home features multiple devices which can all be accessed from a smartphone or computer. Voice commands are common and make it even easier for people to control their smart house. There’s many things that can be included in a smart home.

1 – Smart Home Managers

Smart home managers are apps provided by various companies as a way to access their smart home and their devices from elsewhere. Smart home managers can amalgamate all of the items that are connected to a home network. Oftentimes, these apps are created by internet service providers to log into the home network easily and safely.

2 – Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a perfect way to save money and keep your home comfortable. Smart thermostats can be altered from anywhere, and will monitor and alter their function to match requirements. Smart thermostats change their temperature based on time of day, and sometimes even on outside weather. Nest and Ecobee are very popular brands of smart thermostats.

3 – Smart Locks

Smart locks allow a person to feel additionally secure in their home. Smart locks are able to be engaged or disengaged anywhere. One of the best parts about a smart lock system is that it is designed to allow people to be able to enter and exit their home without having to lock or unlock the door. It recognizes the owner approaching through a smartphone or key fob and simply unlocks the door conveniently for them. This can also be useful in neighborhoods which may not be as safe as others. Quick unlocking of a door means people are exposed for a shorter period of time.

4 – Smart Lights

Smart lights are very common. Smart lights are energy saving devices which only put out light where they are needed. Smart lights are especially convenient as they are one of the easiest to voice activate. Smart lights can be set up in quadrants or individually. Simply saying “Turn on Lights, Bedroom” will do so. Smart lights can also be used as a dimmer switch. Anywhere from 0% to 100% output is possible. In addition, many smart lights can also change color. This can result in some interesting parties or events!

5 – Smart Sprinklers

Smart sprinklers systems are another intelligent system. The basic ones can be controlled by a smartphone and turned on or off. Alternatively, more intelligent systems can be linked to weather supply systems. This can allow them to alter the schedule intelligently to decrease water when rain is plentiful and increase watering during times when rain is scarce. It’s one way to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

6 – Smart Appliances

In addition to the smaller items in a home, appliances are another item which can be added to the smart home. Smart appliances allow people to cook more efficiently and to be more energy efficient. Items like a smart fridge allow people to take a look inside while at the grocery store to see if they are low on an item or if they have recently purchased some. There’s no need to ever buy too much milk again!

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