The Right Blinds or Curtains Are the Stylistic Lynch Pin to a Room

When it comes to decorating, some people just see things in very different ways. What appeals for one home doesn’t for another. Multiple tastes are very apparent to men and women when they choose to purchase blinds and curtains. Finding the correct style can mean choosing through hundreds of types with hundreds of different materials and colors.

Thankfully, ordering blinds and curtains is much easier than it used to be. Rather than having to go to a physical store, ordering these window accessories can be completed online in a flash. Simply get the proper measurements and then shop online. There’s more styles and selections available than a store. The only downside to shopping online is the lack of a personal touch to assist in your home design. If you know what you want, buying online is the only way to go!

Types of Blinds and Curtains

When it comes to types of curtains, typically the differences is simply in the pleat at the to[p of the curtain. Popular ones include the box pleat, pinch pleat, goblet style, eyelets, rod pocket or tailored pleat. Blinds have more variety as their entire construction can be different. Popular blinds styles are:

  • Vertical Blinds – These are one of the most common types of blinds are are often used for large horizontal spaces like double doors. The individual blind slats run on a track at the top. They part in the middle to open up and give light. They can also be fully retracted to one side.
  • Venetian Blinds – Arguably the most popular type of blind, venetian blinds feature horizontal slats that are pressed into each other when they are raised vertically. There are also types with smaller slats that are called mini or micro blinds.
  • Modern Blinds – These are similar to venetian, but feature very large slats which swivel easily.
  • Panel Blinds – These are used like vertical blinds, but instead feature large panels which slide over to cover large areas.
  • Pleated Shades – These look somewhat similar to venetian blinds from a distance, but they are a single piece of material with pleats. When raised, the blinds look like an accordion case. These are light and made from paper or fabric
  • Roller Shades – These shades work as one large shade which is pulled down and then locked in place. To retract, a small pull is made and then the blind pulls itself back up.
  • Smart Blinds – smart blinds tap into the internet of things and can be manipulated by a smartphone. They can be set to open and close at specific times to best conserve energy in a home.

Popular Online Retailers

Once you know what you want to buy, it’s time to find the right online marketplace to get it. Each has their own selection and offerings.

  • Blindsgalore – This website features custom made blinds which are custom created and sized to fit a window perfectly. Unlike some custom blinds, they also allow you to return them after checking them out and get a full exchange for something else. This ensures your design plans are never compromised.
  • Blindstogo – Blindstogo is another specialty store available online. Unlike many online retailers, they also have blinds specific brick and mortar locations. This allows people to shop nearby inventory when they don’t want to wait for shipping to arrive.
  • – They were probably pretty happy to get this website. often offers flash sales on their website where people can get up to 40% off. Subscribing to their email can help alert you to unexpected quick sales.
  • Lowes – Lowe’s offers custom blinds that can be designed and created online. In addition to having them shipped to your home, you can also ship them to a store nearby if you’d prefer that.
  • Etsy – If you’re looking for something unique and one of a kind, you can search through the Etsy marketplace. Some people have been known to call Etsy “RegrEtsy” due to impulsive purchases and huge shipping times on some items. But if you buy from the right place, you can have a window covering unlike anyone else.
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