The Galapagos is a Unique Place to Take a Cruise

More people are eschewing the large cruise ships that ply the oceans and looking for smaller more intimate cruise adventures. There are many options for this throughout the world, but one of the most unique and exciting is taking a trip through the Galapagos.

The Galapagos islands were where Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution when he saw the way the animals had evolved compared to mainland creatures. But it’s also just a beautiful island chain full of wildlife and natural beauty. Combine in a unique and enjoyable history and culture and this is a perfect cruise vacation!

Galapagos Highlights

The first thing that any person is probably going to be excited about is the opportunity to see the wildlife of the Galapagos. There are alot of great things that can be done. Urbina bay features sea lions and the ability to swim with them! Punta Espinosa is loaded with Iguanas piled on top of each other as they all want the best spots to take in the warm sunlight. It’s easy to accidentally step on them if you aren’t careful! Santa Cruz has giant tortoises which are truly immense. Many people don’t realize how big they can get and how much they eat as they travel. If you prefer turtles to tortoises, a trip to Isabela Island can allow people to swim with beautiful turtles as they go through the ocean.

In addition to the wildlife, there is plenty more to see and do. The Charles Darwin Research Station is located on Santa Cruz Island and have worked to bring back many small sub species of giant tortoise from extinction. This is one of the best places to really see what conservation and science can help do for nature and the world around us. Bartolome Island has pinnacle rock. This rock stretches up to the sky in an iconic fashion. It’s surrounded by beautiful beaches perfect for a little snorkeling. If there’s one place to make sure you bring your camera, it’s pinnacle rock.

Cruise Ship Operators

There are many cruise ships which will tour the islands. One exciting aspect about the ships is their size. No ship is allowed to have over 100 passengers. This leads to smaller groups and more intimate experiences. Many cruises are run by small independent boats and companies. These can run as small as 10 people on a boat! There are slightly larger cruises as well. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Silversea Cruises – This cruise line focuses on a luxury experience. In addition to the cruise, some time and tours in the Ecuadorian port of Quito are included as well.
  • Celebrity – This is probably the most proficient cruise line in the area and has four boats operating different loops of the galapagos areas. Celebrity has a lot of different packages allowing people to focus on whichever aspect of the Galapagos they are the most interested in.
  • Lindblad Expeditions – Lindblad is associated with National Geographic. All of their boats are named after the famous publication as well. They specialize in beautiful nature themed cruises.
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