The Emerald Isle Awaits: Ireland Travel Guide

The best way to find out if Ireland is as green as it appears in pictures is to take a trip there and see. Ireland is a place to have a vacation that is rich with different experiences. The country is a combination of natural beauty and endless activities. Not only is Ireland laden with history, but there are natural vistas for tourists to admire. The Irish culture is a rich one, and there are many opportunities for visitors to experience it. The Irish experience is not limited to just food and entertainment. There are also many architectural sites and art that visitors can see. In addition, the natural beauty allows visitors many chances to partake in it. The country has a wide variety of hotels for tourists that can fit all sorts of budgets. As a result, a trip to Ireland is hardly out of reach for most travelers.

The Best Places to Stay

Visitors to Ireland can stay either in the cities or the countryside. Dublin is the capital city, but there are many other cities that have sites and attractions. There are options for tourists in both the cities and countryside.

  • Ashford Castle – Guests can stay in a medieval Victorian castle that was built in 1228. This is a five-star hotel that is a luxury destination. It is best to reserve a room here well in advance.
  • Butler House – Located in Kilkenny, this is a renovated castle. The hotel is in the middle of a dynamic renovation that will transform the grounds. For a historical hotel, the property is relatively affordable for those on a more limited budget.
  • The Meridien Hotel Dublin – This ultra-luxury hotel is located in the heart of Ireland's capital city and is perhaps the finest hotel in the city.
  • Doonbeg – For those who want to combine their Irish vacation with the links, this golf resort is ranked as one of the top resorts in all of Europe
  • Royal Marine Hotel – With hotel prices in Dublin on the rise, travelers need budget options. This particular hotel gives views of the Dublin Bay for a reasonable price.

Exciting Activities to Try

Ireland is a paradise for those who like active vacations. In addition to all of the sightseeing, there are many things to do for those who want to be active. Many of Ireland's activities revolve around the sights. For example, there are many scenic driving routes in the country. The Ring of Kerry is a circular route around the Iveragh Peninsula that takes tourists around the coastline. It is one of many different self-guided driving adventures. Visitors can also spend time sampling Irish cuisine. The country is known for its flagship beer and the Guinness Storehouse is one of the country's busiest attractions. Perhaps some of the best things to do in the country relate to the country's seemingly endless coastline. Tourists can go coasteering, which is an activity that takes advantage of Ireland's rocky coasts. Those same beaches also allow tourists an opportunity to experience a once-in-a-lifetime ride on horseback along the beaches and in the water. Alternatively, visitors have plenty of opportunities to go kayaking in the country's bays and waterways.

Sights You Can't Miss

It would take months to see everything that Ireland has to offer. In the meantime, guests should select the most meaningful sites in the country. The River Shannon is one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions. Tourists can take a cruise up the river and see all of the related sights. Given the fact that Irish history dates well past medieval times, visitors can take in any one of the many ancient Irish castles that dot the landscape in both the cities and the countryside. There are entire tours devoted to castle sightseeing. Dublin itself is an impressive mix of the historical and modern. Visitors can immerse themselves in Irish history, while at the same time taking part in the city's nightlife and cafe scene. Dublin has a mix of historical attractions as well as breweries and distilleries for those who like to sample local drink. After enjoying all that Dublin has to offer, tourists can take a tour to see some of the seaside cliffs and natural beauty of the island republic.

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