The Bahamas Can Make For a Perfect Tropical Holiday

Travelers who want to visit an exotic foreign locale without venturing too far from home can find a tropical destination close to our shores in The Bahamas. Located right off the coast of Florida, the country consists of over 700 islands, including 30 that are inhabited. Over five million people each year visit The Bahamas, and for good reason. The island is warm year round and the weather is consistent. Still, The Bahamas is much more than just sun and sand. There are also a variety of different activities on the island, including a multitude of shopping opportunities. In addition, The Bahamas is a place where tourists do not have to remain in one place to have an enjoyable vacation. Instead, because the country has so many different islands, tourists can island hop. The country is suitable for travelers of all different budgets with resorts that can fit many different financial situations.

The Best Places to Stay

Below are some of the best resorts and hotels in The Bahamas.

  • The Atlantis – Perhaps The Bahamas' most famous hotel, the Atlantis is located on Paradise Island in Nassau and has a full waterpark on the resort grounds. Guests do not even need to leave the hotel during their entire vacation as the resort activities are so extensive.
  • Sandals Royal Bahamian – This couples only hotel has its own private beach. Located in Nassau, this all-inclusive is one of the more upscale resorts in the country.
  • Grand Isle Resort & Spa – This resort is located on Grand Exuma Island, which is one of the more quieter islands in The Bahamas. This is a boutique resort that was featured on the television show "The Bachelor."
  • The Cove, Eleuthera – This resort is located about 50 miles away from Nassau and feels like it is worlds away. As far as The Bahamas go, this island is one of the most secluded.
  • Pelican Bay Hotel – Located in Freeport, this is one of the better budget-friendly hotels on the island. The hotel is centrally located on the island so visitors can experience Freeport.

Exciting Activities to Try

Much of the excitement in The Bahamas comes from the wide variety of water sports that visitors to the islands can experience. These activities range from the usual popular vacation water sports to the more exotic activities. Vacationers can snorkel and dive to their heart's content. Those who are more adventurous have their pick of activities to get their adrenaline pumping. One of the more unusual activities that is available in The Bahamas is dolphin encounters. Tourists can swim with the trained dolphins and get up close and personal with them. In addition, while there are plenty of dive sites on the island, there are few dive sites in the world like the Andros Great Barrier Reef. This is the third largest reef system in the world and is very accessible for divers and snorkelers. Finally, there is a large network of underwater caves in The Bahamas. These caves can be either submerged or large underwater sinkholes. Expert divers can explore these underwater caves.

The Sights You Can't Miss

Lest anyone think that The Bahamas is only a watersports paradise, there are also many things to see on the island outside of the water. The Bahamas are famous for their swimming pigs. There is a colony of wild pigs that lives on an island in the Exuma Cay. Pigs may not be able to fly, but tourists can take a day trip to the island to watch them swim.

In addition, there is an interactive museum in Nassau that is devoted to the island's pirating history. This museum is especially fitting for guests with children. There is a replica pirate ship as well as exhibits that document the history of Nassau pirates.

The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is an annual event that is a celebration of Bahamian culture. It is held every year in late April and early May and draws local residents as well as tourists. The carnival consists of live entertainment and cultural events. The entire carnival leads up to the final event that is called Road Fever. This event is a giant street party that is attended by upwards of 50,000 people every year.

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