The 4 Items to Consider Before Fixing a Roof Yourself

Whether there is a leak, missing shingles, cracks, a major leak, or other problems causing trouble with your roof, it is important that these issues are properly addressed and resolved before they become even bigger, costlier repairs. Even a minor issue with the roof’s structure can lead to big problems if the repair isn’t quickly made. On average, homeowners spend $770 to hire a professional for repairs to their roof. Money doesn’t grow on trees and this cost is quite a hefty amount for many homeowners to fork over, leaving many to consider a DIY roof repair. There are numerous battles to overcome if DIY roofing is a project you intend to tackle in the upcoming future. Although many homeowners successfully perform inspections and minor roof repairs, most people agree that the majority of roofing services are best handled by skilled experts. Before you follow through with a DIY roofing job, keep the following four considerations in mind.

1. Heights

Walking on a roof looks easy. You’ve seen many people walk across a roof without as much as a misstep. Remember that most of the people you see walking on that roof are experienced roofers with years of practice. They’ve overcome already that fear of unease and danger that simply comes from being on top of the roof. But, for, the inexperienced, those obstacles stand in the way of completing a DIY roofing project.

Many people do not consider the element of danger that comes by simply being on top of the roof when they challenge themselves to a DIY roof repair. A strong gust of wind or a slick spot on one of the roof’s shingles could cause imminent danger to the inexperienced roofer. Looking down to the ground is also an obstacle that can put fear in even the biggest of Bravehearts. Overcoming these obstacles is a challenge in itself.

2. Costs

From the outside looking in, DIY roofing may seem like a cost-effective solution to repairs, installs, and other roofing needs. When you take a closer look at the full costs of the job, however, the money that you think you’re saving by DIY might not be so fruitful after all. Sometimes things aren’t always black and white and spending a bit of time investigating the matter is worthwhile. This is the case when considering costs of a DIY roof job.

Can you purchase the materials needed to service the roof as cheaply as a contractor? Do you own the necessary tools and equipment to make the repairs or installation? Time is of the essence and should also be considered. Spending six to 10-hours installing a roof takes time away from other projects. Time is money. How valuable is your time?

3. Safety Risks

Once you’ve overcome the thoughts of being on top of the roof, there are still many dangers present. A slip and fall off a roof can cause severe injuries and even death. Around 50 people die annually from falls from a roof and thousands more are injured. Roofing ranks as the fifth-deadliest job in the construction industry and those are stats of highly-trained roofing experts!

Roofing is a dangerous job, especially for people without the skillset that roofers possess. If you plan to repair your own roof, it is important to plan properly in order to reduce risks of a slip-and-fall accident or other mishaps while you’re high on the roof. Choose a day when the weather is bright and sunny and wear slip-resistant shoes. Relax while on the roof and make sure that you never rush to complete the job.

4. Expertise

It is fairly simple for most anyone to replace a missing shingle, but what happens if there is damage lurking underneath the surface? Are you prepared to repair such damage or replace pieces that are worn out? YouTube videos and instructional guides found online simply do not compare to the expertise that a trained and talented roofer offers the project.

An inadequately repaired roof is vulnerable to many elements that can undo all of the hard work and effort that you put into the repair. Inexperience oftentimes adds to the risk of such vulnerabilities. Whether you fail to repair all of the damage or repair it incorrectly, such an act could cost you a considerable amount of money. Consider your level of expertise before deciding to handle your roof repairs without a professional.

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