Some Women’s Clothing Items Never Go Out of Style

There may be nothing that moves as quickly as fashion. Just as fast as something has become trendy, it’s gone again. The long term cyclical nature of fashion means that women often find themselves wearing clothing similar to their grandmother or mother from their childhood around the same time. Flares keep coming back like a horror villain that just don’t die! However, when you’re searching through your closet to see what to wear, there’s always a few staples. These are the backbone of any lady’s wardrobe. They are timeless items that have never gone out of style and never will! So while the latest trend may age and your closet will need to be gutted, these items aren’t going anywhere!

1 – Trench Coats

A trenchcoat is such a great staple because it’s not the end of an outfit, it’s just the beginning. Some consider the trenchcoat to be too utilitarian, but in reality, it’s a case of simplicity come to life. Trench coats evoke images of women in Paris walking down the street with an umbrella as stylish as can be. This european image is transferred to any woman in a simple trench coat. Neutral shades are the most common and best choice usually. The most important thing is make sure the trench coat fits right and shows off your natural silhouette.

2 – Little Black Dress

Ahh, the good ol ‘LBD’. Every woman needs a little black dress that they can make their own. For anyone who thinks it won’t get used, they are so wrong. A little black dress is the perfect canvas to paint any look you want. The accessories can turn a little black dress from a conservative work outfit into a sexy cocktail party number. It can be a conservative comment, or try to catch every eye you walk past. While one little black dress is usually enough for most women, some use several different ones. Different necklines and contours can add some flair to your dress. The little black dress is the definition of timeless!

3 – Button Ups

If you’re someone who has to wear business attire on a day to day basis, then you know why a good button up is so useful. Solid hues are the most tireless and can be used as a foundation for almost any outfit. While obviously they are good in a business session, they make for great social wear as well. A button up can be a great start to any outfit.

4- Jeans

We’re not talking about artfully torn rhinestone studded jeans. Alterations to jeans are just like any trend, they fade. The jeans we’re talking about are the classic jeans. The jeans that look like you’re wearing a second more comfortable skin somehow. Whether your favorite jeans show off your curves or are have a bit more give, a perfectly fitting pair of light and dark jeans can be used in almost any scenario and won’t go out of style. Whether you’re tackling a night on the town or curling up with a book, your staple jeans will be there with you!

5 – Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t need frills. Cashmere is softness and comfort and simplicity. A high quality cashmere sweater will last for years and look good the entire time! In addition, cashmere is perfect for fall and winter, as it gives you the warmth you want without being exceedingly heavy.

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