Small Business Thrives When It Has the Right Kinds of Software

Starting a small business is difficult. Even people with a great business plan that seemingly accounts for everything may end up with a failing business due to unexpected circumstances. In order to maximize the potential success of a small business, choosing the right type of software is crucial. Small businesses tend to have less employees, which can mean that less areas of a business are completely covered. This is where small business software comes into play./ A lot of the time, the best software helps with accounting and finances. However, there’s a number of facets of business that can be improved with software. Marketing, communication, collaboration, account, productivity and operations management can all be improved with the right small business tools and software. This article will look at just a few of the many great tools that can be used by small businesses on a day to day basis.

1 – Flock
Flock is an incredible option for communication. While it can be used as a simple messaging app/software option, it has a lot more than that. It’s also excellent when it comes to functioning as a video conferencing software. You can also share notes and the company directory among everyone. It allows you to make specific mailing lists to ensure the right people are always communicating with each other. Keeping files and notes up to date securely is always beneficial for a small business.

2 – Zapier
Zapier is fantastic for companies that have a large number of different apps and tools that they are using. Rather than offering additional tools, it works to bring them together so they can work together and interface with each other. This is an invaluable tool and helps to keep the organization of things more under control. It’s easy for all of the software and apps being used to seemingly grow out of control. Zapier keeps this from happening.

3 – Calendly
This is calendar software that can really help with meeting scheduling. What makes it more impressive is that it works across and integrates a wide number of different software offerings. This is useful because you may have multiple employees used to using different items like Outlook, iCloud or Google Suite. This is also convenient if you have to schedule meetings with outside vendors or clients who could be using any of those software options. One of the strongest features is the automatic timezone detection, ensuring there’s none of those frustrating timezone based miscommunications.

4 – Zoom
Zoom has managed to establish itself as the number one video conferencing tool on the market thanks to the strong growth it managed during the pandemic. Zoom is useful for small businesses as it can come with a free basic plan. This limits things to one on one meetings, or 40 minute time limits, but can be more than enough for small businesses which are trying to get their smaller number of employees together for quick conversations and link up in multiple locations.

5 – Mailmodo
There are a lot of different options you might want to choose from when it comes to email marketing. Mailmodo is a great option for smaller businesses and allows for a three week trial before committing to them. It’s easy to send out every kind of component you would want inside of an email. Items like shopping carts, surveys, forms and calendars can be inserted to help make sales or generate some leads. It also allows people to receive an email and book services, meetings or appointments. The convenience of avoiding links to landing pages means that conversion is easier.

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