See the United Kingdom in Style With This Travel Guide

If travelers are making the UK their vacation destination, they will find countries (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland) steeped in history, with gorgeous architecture, monuments, and sights to see in practically every town and village. What with all the epic things to see and do, little or no constraints on understanding the language, extraordinarily friendly native residents, and the relative safety of travel in this region, the UK is a real favorite place to visit for American travelers.

For visitors to the UK this holiday season, they are in for a special treat practically anywhere they go. Christmas lights, decorations, themes, and music can be experienced just about everywhere people turn. Christmas in this region is hugely celebrated by practically every person, making the UK one of the most beautiful and festive lands in the world to explore and visit during the holidays. Two most memorable UK vacation destinations are London and Edinburgh, Scotland, locations where travelers could spend their entire time right within city limits, there's so much to see and do.

The Best Places to Stay

In London, book a room at The Tower, right in the heart of London. With breathtaking views of the River Thames, Tower Bridge, and everything else right there, it has the best views in London- by far. This 4-Star hotel (with a restaurant) is very economically priced and being in amongst all the city's terrific transport options, it's a terrific place to stay to save a few 'pounds' while being right in the middle of this gorgeous city. One of the world's foremost travel sites ranked it #3 Best Value out of 2,795 locations in London.

The Hub by Premier Inn Edinburgh Royal Mile is a terrific lodging option in Edinburgh, another beautiful room at more economical prices. On the Royal Mile, the area featuring the city's best restaurants, bars, and shops, in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, this hotel features a Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Air Conditioning, Lift (elevator), In Room App, Free WiFi, 40" Smart TVs, and accessible rooms. The same aforementioned travel site also ranked this hotel #3 Best Value, out of 800 places to stay in Edinburgh, with customer reviews ranking it much higher than some accommodations more than twice the price per room.

Adventures to Experience

There's no doubt that for visitors to London that want to take in historic landmarks, St. Paul's Cathedral will be right at the top of the list. The beauty outside and down on the ground floor inside here is amazing. But for a thrilling visit with views inside and outside that are truly breathtaking, visitors can climb up the dome to the viewing gallery up top. Fabulous views of London outside are espied from up here, as well as a rather rare look down into this most beautiful and classic structure. The few visitors who do "go on up" will have memories (and photo opportunities) to last a lifetime.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city to walk around and behold the sights, but perhaps few visitors are aware of the great number of subterranean caves, tunnels, and vaults that lie deep below Edinburgh's streets. For a better, rather creepy but thrilling view of some of these areas normally closed to the public, take the Edinburgh Famous Underground Ghost Tour. This city has a history of chilling tales of crime and murder, and the enthusiastic tour guide will tell visitors tales of events down here that will surely never be forgotten.

Sights You Can't Miss

The list for London must-see attractions can fill volumes. So to shrink things down a bit, what follows is a (very) partial list of some attractions in London that simply must be taken in. These attractions include sites that can be seen with an admission charge, while some are free to just go by and take some wonderful photos. Visitors like checking out:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • Houses of Parliament / Big Ben
  • London Eye
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Globe Theatre
  • Harrods
  • 221B Baker St. (Sherlock Holmes' residence)
  • #10 Downing St. (British PM residence)

Visitors that enjoy tours really have wonderful walking tour options in London. There are dozens of them, superbly run by tour companies that provide a great variety of themes to choose from. And River Thames boat tours are a wonderful way to see many of these attractions from a different, more unique perspective.

In Edinburgh, beauty, history, and culture can be taken in at Edinburgh Castle, as well as taking a private two-hour tour of Edinburgh in a Mini Cooper, or going on a Royal Mile Guided Walking Tour in Edinburgh. What simply cannot be missed while here is going onboard and checking out the Royal Yacht Britannia.

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