Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most frustrating situations a person can go through. It damages a person financially as the thief takes advantage your money and credit for their own benefit. The damage caused by someone having unrestricted access to a person’s credit can take decades to unravel. In addition to the cost financially, it’s painful mentally. A person’s identity can be sacred to them. Having it stolen and used without restraint is a violation.

To combat the increasing danger of having a person’s identity stolen, an increasing number of companies and services have been developed to protect a person’s identity from thieves. Most of these services will also assist in recovering an identity in the case of it being stolen. This can shave years off the recovery process. What follows are some of the companies offering protection services.

1 – Identity Force

Identity Force is one of the best all around protection models. For a single person, the subscription model comes in at less than $20 per month. Identity Force will monitor personal accounts for irregular activity to make sure that funds aren’t being used. It also tracks credit reports and projects what a credit score for a client should be. If the actual score is far off from it, then an alert is issued. In addition, Identity Force offers recovery coverage. Up to $1,000,000 of stolen funds are insured, so people can rest assured at night that they are safe.

2 – Identity Guard

Unlike many of the other services offered, Identity Guard actually updates credit reports every month! Most companies only do so every quarter or year. Identity Guard also offers a lot of tools and software options to people. Products like anti-keyloggers ensure that no one is going to be able to monitor your activities on your laptop or PC. Identity Guard is introducing AI protection as well to monitor services. While Identity Guard is fantastic for watching credit reports, it’s less than stellar for personal accounts. It doesn’t actually monitor a person’s bank accounts or any of their credit cards.

3 – LifeLock

LifeLock is a little bit more expensive than the other services when choosing their premium option (Ultimate Plus). However, it tracks more forms of data than other major protection services. It will even monitor a person’s retirement and investment accounts to ensure that there haven’t been any major changes unexpectedly. Like others, there is an insurance plan for identity theft, which also covers lost wages in case identity theft damages a person’s employment. The downside is that credit reports are only provided yearly and there’s no credit simulator.

4 – ReliaShield

ReliaShield works to monitor almost every aspect of a person’s personal information. It even has address change and court record monitoring. This ensures that no aspect of a person’s identity are being tampered or altered. Loss insurance is also available. ReliaShield even has  the ability to get a lost or stolen wallet and the goods inside replaced! One of the best aspects of this service is the Customer service. Proudly American customer service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

5 – Identity Protect

This is another strong provider of identity theft protection. Identity Protect offers many of the same services as others, like credit score trackers and large amounts of insurance. It also offers free protection for the entire family when choosing the ultimate package. So a spouse or child won’t have to worry about identity theft either. Finally, it uses some incredibly strong password encryption. This military-level encryption ensures that no one is stealing passwords.

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