No Kitchen is Complete Without The Right Appliances

Cooking is a vital part of anyone’s life. While there may be some outliers, everyone needs to cook in their kitchen! It’s simply too expensive to eat out or have someone cook for you for every meal. For many, cooking is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, to be a great cook, you need to have the right appliances. Kitchen appliances range from very large to very small. Each has their own purpose and contributes to the overall ability of a cook to design and create delicious meals. Not every kitchen is going to be the same. Some people have different interests, and in some cases, hand tools can take the place of appliances. The size of a kitchen is also really important because the more appliances you have, the more space you are going to require. That being said, it’s good to know about the various options that you have to fill your kitchen up right.

Large Kitchen Appliances
When it comes to a kitchen, there’s a few items which are essentially mandatory. Food preservation and basic food creation is going to be included in all kitchens. Beyond that, the choices are up to you. Some of the most common large kitchen appliances include:

Stove/Oven – People tend to call this appliance by multiple names. The stove, the oven, the range. It’s made up for a cooktop on top with burners and a recessed section below for baking. Beyond that, further features can be included. Some may have double ovens to allow one to be a convection oven. Some are powered by gas, others by electricity. There’s a lot of options. The goal is to ensure things are heated evenly as you cook.

Refrigerator – When it comes to storage, the refrigerator is the key to the kitchen. Designs have adjusted. The freezer portion can now be located below, above or as a side by side option. Refrigerators are absolute must haves. More impressive options are now available, many even use glass windows instead of doors to ensure you know what you have with just a glance.

Dishwasher – While a dishwasher isn’t specifically needed to cook, it sure makes the clean up process faster and more more effective. While the traditional dishwasher is a large item that goes under a countertop, there are also countertop variants which are much smaller, but can be run through a tap, or via a tank.

Small Kitchen Appliances
Here is where appliances can get a lot more interesting, these kitchen appliances tend to serve smaller tasks for preparation or cooking methods. Some common small kitchen appliances include:

Microwave – The microwave has been around for around 60 years now and continues to be an important part of a kitchen. A microwave will allow you to cook food very quickly. While it’s not intended for fine dining, it’s very useful for people who need a meal quickly.

Blender – The blender is a very useful item which helps make a number of items including soups and smoothies.

Food Processor – Often confused for a blender, the food processor has a number of attachments that can help break down and cut up ingredients into very small amounts. Chopped nuts and pesto are perfect with a food processor.

Air Fryer – The air fryer functions much like a convection oven and offers an alternative to deep frying food with less oil. While it won’t be as crispy as deep frying, it certainly is crispier than baking items.

Deep Fryer – When you want to easily deep fry foods, having a deep fryer is perfect. It’s much safer than doing your own deep frying in a pan and gets rid of the chance of potential injuries.

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