Nine Pitfalls to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Homeowners that yearn for a better bathroom design can get exactly what they want with a DIY bathroom remodel. However, there are at least 9 pitfalls to avoid when remodeling your bathroom according to professional remodeling contractors. There are many stunning bathroom design ideas for both large and small bathroom spaces. With a little planning, homeowners can transform their current outdated bathroom area into an amazing bathroom oasis that works for their space, budget and storage needs. Below are the 9 common pitfalls to avoid.

1. Failure to Determine the Extent of the Desired Remodeling Project

Anyone interested in a DIY bathroom remodeling project should first determine the desired remodel extent that they want. Homeowners often simply desire an updated vanity, shower or toilet. Making a list of what your proposed bathroom remodel job will include is an easy way to ensure that everything a homeowner deems necessary will be accomplished. Get an expert plumber's opinion regarding your bathroom's plumbing design if the remodel will include moving any of those pipes to a new location.

2. Neglecting to Make a Bathroom Layout Plan

Take some accurate bathroom measurements. Try to visualize what your ideal bathroom layout plan will be. Many homeowners hire a professional designer to assist with this process. Sometimes small bathrooms can be opened up by moving the main features and utilizing recessed or floating vanities and shelving for storage areas. Vanities and toilets can be attached to walls, and large wall size mirrors can be used to create the illusion of spaciousness. Adding larger glass shower doors can also open up your bathroom area nicely. Remember that it is possible to make customized vanities and storage solutions to make better use of all existing space. Neglecting to create an accurately measured bathroom layout plan can be a disaster when expensive items do not fit the space.

3. Absence of a Bathroom Remodel Budget

It is crucial to determine your bathroom remodel budget before buying anything for the project. It is possible to do the desired work in stages if everything is planned out properly in advance. Remember that matching colors and products might become an issue if everything is not bought at the same time. If you want a more opulent look without the excessive costs, consider using faux materials that only look like expensive granite, marble or other luxury surfaces. Always figure out your budget in advance. Shop around and stick with your determined budget to avoid paying more than expected.

4. Failure to Choose a Preferred Bathroom Decor Style

It is important to select a decor style for your new bathroom. There are many home decorating magazines and websites that give excellent ideas on fabulous bathroom decor choices. Try to stick to a main theme- like contemporary with sleek lines and less fuss. Alternately, add welcoming warmth by going with a country design style that features gorgeous wood with metal accents and earthy or nature-inspired hues.

5. Neglecting to Upgrade Your Shower and/or Bathtub

Decide if your bathroom should have both shower and soaking tub spaces or a combo shower/tub area. Sometimes only a single shower or tub is desired. Figure out your preferred bathing fixture style. Simply upgrading these items can really improve the aesthetics of your entire bathroom. Neglecting to upgrade your existing bathtub and/or shower can wreck the full impact of your bathroom remodel work. Replacing older bath fixtures with water saving options can save money over time.

6. Failure to Include Upgraded Bathroom Vanity and Counter Top Designs

Next, select your ideal bathroom vanity with a complementary counter top design. Failure to upgrade these items can make your bathroom look dated. Granite or marble in a bathroom is luxurious, yet pricey. Painting glass or other material to look like the real thing is a cheaper option. Adding accent faucets can add that extra charm without costing a lot of cash. Remember to consider how this bathroom will be used. A double vanity might work for a married couple's private bath, while guest bathrooms might need less work.

7. Neglecting to Consider New Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Dark bathrooms that don't have enough light can make the space seem even smaller. The lack of light is depressing and makes the room feel cold and indifferent. Many homeowners are discovering that adding unique bathroom lighting fixtures immediately updates the space and adds instant appeal. Hanging pendant light fixtures in copper or other metal is an easy way to add a bit of drama. Recessed floor or vanity lighting can give your bathroom a posh style that also adds increased safety lighting. Some homeowners are adding bigger windows and/or skylights to their bathrooms to bring in more natural light.

8. Failure to Add Interesting Features Like Backsplash and Other Bathroom Decor Accents

Nobody admires boring bathroom designs. Adding an intriguing backsplash in your bathroom instantly creates an authentic look that is one-of-a-kind. Try using subway tile turned the opposite way or consider adding colored-glass to set off gleaming white tiles perfectly. If desiring a more nature-inspired space, try adding authentic wooden accents on walls and other spots. Adding greenery is another simple decorating tip that can offset any beautiful backsplash. Plants add that oasis paradise element that many find irresistible.

9. Neglecting to Add Appropriate Storage Space and Not Replacing Bathroom Flooring

Changing up your bathroom flooring goes a long way in improving this space. Many bathrooms are now being outfitted with real hardwood floors in warmer shades. Some homeowners are using lighter woods like bamboo that are sustainable. Adding custom shelving can keep your bathroom looking terrific and clean. Floating shelves, storage under vanity sinks and even hidden recessed shelves are popular in various shades and materials. Try adding wooden shelving accented with gorgeous copper or gold metal accents.

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