Make Your Home More Fashionable By Adding These Nine Items

Regardless of whether or not owning a home is in the future, or one is already owned, making it look attractive is likely a priority. An attractive home shows that the homeowners care about appearances and want to make the space as nice as possible. Conversely, an ordinary home is just that, ordinary. It does not say anything about the homeowners or make a statement. Consider people who have fashionable, chic homes. Parts of their homes probably look like they could have come straight from a home decorating magazine or website. They are the types of homes in which their owners spend all day. Most importantly, they want to show them off to others. How can a home be made more visually appealing? Just like buying a home, sprucing up its appearance is an investment of time and money. The result, though, makes the effort worthwhile. Read on for some ideas of items to add to make a home more fashionable.

1. Add Some Art

Many fashionable homes have one thing in common, and that is visually appealing, unique art. This is because it not only makes a home look more expensive and classy, but art is an excellent conversation starter with guests. Whether it is a painting, drawing, sculpture or some other form of art, pick a piece, or more than one, that stands out. Maybe it is the colors, the composition or something else that is eye-catching. No matter what it is, display it attractively. Put it in a nice frame or display case to preserve it for years to come.

2. Keep Items Contained with Storage Bins

A clean home is a fashionable one. If there are many belongings in it, and few places to store them, invest in containers, such as wicker or canvas bins to store miscellaneous items. Do not forget the trash bin. Get one in a color like black, white or silver so it is less noticeable. Keep storage items understated and commit to using them. Keeping messy areas to a minimum ups the fashionable quality of a home.

3. Redo the Kitchenware

Times are changing, and not everyone cooks at home all of the time anymore. Even so, a modern kitchen makes things look instantly more polished. If a whole kitchen redo is being done, add in features like matching tile, large cabinets with glass windows and multiple appliances. If this is not realistic, think on a smaller scale. The appearance of kitchenware, from pots and pans to knives and tools all matter. Make sure to get the highest quality versions as possible. Keep them clean and display them in bins or on displays. Even if a chef is not occupying the home, shiny kitchenware helps tie a whole home together.

4. Antiques Prove that Old can be Ne

People who have a strong sense of style translate that to their homes. Oftentimes, they cannot keep talking about, or wearing, their used pieces. Just like people with an interest in vintage fashion take something old and make it new again, antique items can freshen up a room. Add a piece of furniture or a wall decoration from a past decade. They can give a room character and edge to stand out from the rest.

5. Throw Pillows and Blankets Make Cozy Chic

A quick and easy way to make sofas, chairs, futons and other seats in a home look less plain is to add throw pillows or blankets. Keep them consistent in each area, either the same color or pattern, to tie a room together. Look for elegant designs and shades, nothing too casual, but try to find décor that will actually be used when guests are not there. With a little planning, cozy can be chic and comfortable.

6. Books Show Interest

Having books in a home indicates intellect and passions. Show it off by putting books in a sturdy yet stylish case or on a table. Neatly arrange a large collection on bookshelves or choose to make volumes more accessible. Take a note from people with a strong sense of style. Arrange visual-heavy coffee table books on a table for homeowners and guests to flip through. Much like art, books can spur conversations between visitors and homeowners.

7. DIY Décor is nothing to be Afraid of

Looking for ways to make a home stand out that are truly unique? Make or repurpose items. Put pictures in a new frame, make unique lights or turn an old cabinet into a wall display. The options are limitless. Search online or in a book or magazine for ideas and inspiration. By choosing to make home décor, money can be saved and memories can be made. Create something that the owners of the most fashionable home do not have.

8. Bring the Outside In

"Outdoor" decorations do not need to be limited to the outdoors. Bring some plants, such as palm leaves and bamboo, or fresh, vibrant flowers into the home. Do not forget to water them and get rid of them when they are past their prime. Greenery can make a room earthier and add some variety to empty spaces. If style is a goal, and money is no object, a fountain inside adds a high class feel and an unexpected focal point indoors.

9. Pick Extravagant Fabrics

Homeowners with fashionable living spaces know that even seemingly small aspects make a huge difference in the greater overall feel of their whole home. This mentality can be applied to home décor and style choices as a whole, and fabric is no exception. Consider incorporating those associated with luxury, such as velvet, leather, lace and silk into the home. They can instantly help transform a home into a more fashionable one.

These tips can make a home more polished and more presentable. Any homeowner can make decisions to turn their living space into one that is prettier. With these items, a home can turn from drab to fabulous in no time.

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