Look Your Best With the Latest Men’s Fashions

To some people, men’s fashion is simple and predictable. Men’s wardrobes consist of dark denim, black and white t shirts, hoodies and a few button ups. The vast majority of closets are relatively similar with only a few variations. However, men are slowly becoming more fashionable. More thought is being given to how a man looks as he leaves the home. Naturally, new trends are emerging. Some of them are new, while others are old trends made new again by the cyclic nature of fashion. If you’re trying to upgrade your look, then consider some of the options in this list. Be bold and try something new! 

1 – Vintage Watches

Many men have stopped wearing watches due to the familiarity and convenience of their cell phones. Why wear a watch to check the time when you can just check your phone? There’s an answer though. You wear a watch so you can look good! The name of the game right now is vintage watches. Since they don’t need to be particularly useful, the looks is more important than the function.  A good vintage watch can be the cherry on top of a vintage look. 

2 – Light Washed Denim

A good pair of dark jeans seems to be in every man’s closet. But what about the lighter shades?  More and more men are opting for a light wash to give them some different stylistic options. Light wash jeans are just as versatile as darker washes. They are especially good looks for lighter and summer attire. This isn’t a huge risk, as it’s still jeans, but the payoff is great! 

3 – Quarter Socks

It’s time for the bulk pack of crew socks to get the pitch. It’s true that a good pair of dress socks can look great, but they are limited to more formal situations. Quarter socks come in impressive styles and are able to match any kind of shoe. Whether you’re rocking a work of art on your foot or a utilitarian sneaker, the quarter sock shows off and accentuates what is there. 

4 – Sling Bags

Men need options of things to carry and bring with them, as they don’t have the convenience of a purse for bigger loads. Rather than carrying a large backpack, tote or briefcase, sling bags offer a convenient and fashionable alternative. Sling bags are small and can be worn on either the front or the back. In the front, you can keep an eye on your things and make sure they are quite safe. Sling the items around to the back and you’re looking great! 

5 – Plaid

Okay, many men use plaid in their wardrobe already. However, this isn’t a suggestion to try out plaid shirts. This is all about plaid pants! What once were terrible eyesores to men on a golf course are becoming fashion statements for men about town. The best thing about plaid pants is they don’t need to be flashy. Subtler plaid pants can have a great effect too. If you want to go edgier, all it takes is some brighter colors. 

6 – Corduroy

Talk about fashion being cyclical, Corduroy is one of style that is coming back hard. Whether a great pair of pants, or in a winter jacket, Corduroy is versatile and looks great. Corduroy is seemingly available everywhere, so you should have no problem finding some great options. However, keep in mind that you can find some fantastic corduroy options in thrift stores where they were put after the last time corduroy was in style.

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