Let Your Halloween Costume Stand Out This Year!

Halloween is a great opportunity for people to have fun. When it comes to getting the right costume, you may want to go with the classic, or you may want to mix things up and get creative. The best part about Halloween is getting to see the joy from children as they love their costumes and get excited for candy. The second best thing is the ability to dress up in a costume and be whoever you want for a night! Halloween is a chance to have fun and relax. 

Picking out a costume can be tricky. There are so many things that you can choose to be. This article is dedicated to the indecisive people of the world. Help choose yourself a wonderful Halloween costume this year and have yourself a great time no matter what you’re doing to celebrate. 

Traditional Costumes

When you think traditional costumes, the first thing people will think about is the witch costume. Witches are an iconic part of Halloween and can be altered for any sort of style. They can be scary, cute, sexy or professional. Other “spooky” costume ideas that fit include skeletons, ghosts and vampires. 

Pirates will forever be a Halloween staple. Whether you’re a man or a woman, the pirate costume is readily available and easy to get. A great thing about a pirate costume is you can make it as simple or complicated as you want to! Flamboyance is the name of the game when you choose a pirate costume. 

Animal costumes are also a great traditional choice. They are often easy to find and may be very understated. A mask, some ears and some fur (optional) is all some people need to become a cat, dog, tiger, horse, jaguar, emu or other common household pet like a puma. 

Children’s Costumes

When choosing a costume for kids, tailor it to their interests. This means pick something that they love to read about or watch on TV. Superheroes are often the easiest choice to go with. Pick your child’s favorite superhero and let them dress up as them.

The princess costume is always an option, as many children still love the concept of being a princess. Specifically, princesses from Disney movies are often favorites. Princess Elsa and the crew from Frozen may drive parents insane at this point, but you just have to let it go! Alternatively, if your kids love the Toy Story franchise, why not Woody or one of the other characters from any of the movies? 

Popular Women’s Costumes

There’s a stereotype that all women’s costumes on Halloween have to be “sexy”. Honestly, this is overblown and costumes can be whatever the wearer wants them to be. The right costume should make a woman smile when she sees herself in the mirror. Some common women’s costumes include: 

  • Nurse/Doctor – Classics
  • Mary Poppins – Disney Classic
  • Cat/Mouse – It’s the whiskers! 
  • Angel/Devil – Depending on where your mental state is at. 
  • Police Officer – You have the right to remain well dressed. 

Popular Men’s Costumes

When it comes to men’s costumes, it seems like men tend to try to either be funny, or be something that’s considered “powerful” like a hero of villain. The truth is that almost every costume that works for women can work for men as well. Some of the most popular men’s clothing options include: 

  • Star Wars Characters – Luke, Han, Chewie and the whole family. 
  • Dinosaurs – The inflatable dinosaur costume is one of the most popular ones available today. 
  • Romans – Julius Caesar or a lookalike is very popular. 
  • Construction Worker – Especially with all the tools. 
  • Gangster – Choose your era, but Godfather style tends to win out. 

Halloween Costumes For Pets

If you want your beloved pet to get in on some spooky festivities, you can also consider purchasing a Halloween costume for them! Dog and cat Halloween costumes are more common than you might think, and they provide pet owners an affordable way to truly go all-out for Halloween.

Popular pet Halloween costumes include pumpkins, super heroes, or even other animals like sharks, lions, and tigers. If the idea of your cat or dog being dressed as another animal or your favorite super hero sounds enticing, you should definitely consider including your pet in your Halloween shopping plans.

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