It May Be Time for a Dream Safari Vacation

Of all the vacations that a person may choose to take, an African Safari is one of the most incredible. Seeing the mammals of Africa in their natural habitat is something that can change a lot of people’s lives. Going on a safari can check off a lot of people’s bucket list moments.

Picking an African Safari is very difficult. There are tours being offered in many different countries. Each offers a unique experience in different surroundings. The wildlife of Africa extends through much of the continent, but make sure that whatever location you choose for your safari is home to your favorite animal!

Tanzania Tours and Safaris

Tanzania is home to some of the world’s biggest and most impressive wildlife parks. Almost everyone has heard of Serengeti National park, located on the Serengeti plains. This special ecosystem is home to huge numbers of mammals. One of the annual highlights is the migrations taking place from December to July as herds (and predators that follow them) migrate through the park toward Kenya’s Masai Mara park. The wildebeest migration is especially eye catching.

Tanzanian Tours tend to range from around $3,000 rising up to $20,000 depending on what is to be included. The classic Tanzania Safari is usually 7 days and features multiple camps while looking for special animals. Safari packages could also include trips to Ngorongoro crater or Mt. Kilimanjaro. Safari packages can also include beach time at the end to relax and decompress at places like the Manta Resort of in Zanzibar.

The nature of the safari has a lot of movement. This means that as you travel, you will stay at different accommodations. Some of the most exciting lodges in Tanzania are the Tarangire Treetops Lodge, Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas, Serengeti Halisi Camp and the Pakulala Safari Camp.

Kenya Tours and Safaris

The big attraction in Kenya is Masai Mara park. This park is located directly north of Serengeti National Park and has open unfenced borders with it to allow for migrations. Tours to Masai Mara National Park will also stop to visit with the indigenous Maasai tribes who live in the area.

Kenya was one of the first countries to offer up incredible safari vacations and their tours continue. Safaris can also push into neighboring countries like Uganda in order to see gorillas in the jungle as well. Kenyan tours can involve visiting sustainable areas like the Samburu or hot air balloons over the plains. Prices for tyours tend to range from $5,000 to around $14,000 per person.

Namibia Tours and Safaris

Many safari countries feature wide grasslands. Namibia offers something a little different. The great Namibian safaris focus on their arid desert. Namibia has huge open spaces and has one of the smallest populations/space in the entire world. People who love Cheetahs will be excited, as it has the highest population of these exciting big cats anywhere.

Namibia tours tend to come in between $3,600 and $11,000 depending on duration and plans. The desert nature and vast expanses of unclaimed wilderness make it a natural for trips activities like kayaking. There are also wonderful fly-in safari trips which will head to regions not typically accessible easily by land! Some of the exciting accomodations and lodges include the Ongava Lodge, Desert Rhino Camp, Wolwedans Dune Lodge and Camp Kipwe.

Madagascar Tours

While not the traditional safari that many people think of, a visit or tour to Madagascar is a special vacation. Madagascar is the Island nation off the Southeast coast of Africa and many people consider it to be the 8th continent due to the size of the island. Madagascar is home to animals that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Trips and tours throughout Madagascar are varied. Cruises often stop in at Madagascar and give people a few days to visit them.

Tours typically start near Antananarivo, which is the capital city. It’s home to seemingly endless cultural sites and the Tsimbazaza Zoo house is a great option when people want to see the animals without heading out into the jungles. Tsingy de Bemaraha is one of the best national parks in Madagascar and covers 1575 square kilometers.

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