Fun Custom Flash Drives Are Surprisingly Affordable

Flash drives are used for a lot of everyday things, from transferring documents from one source to another, or maybe even a portable hard drive of music, movies or other media, thus having various file sizes available on the market. However, did you know that not only can you get a boring, simple flash drive at most electronics stores or the electronics section of a department store, but you can also get fun and engaging custom flash drives? It is a great way to market your business or event, and sometimes it can be offered as a perk with software or files on it that can only be received by either purchasing it from your business or given out as gifts. However, is it affordable? It can be with the right strategy.

Custom drives are a great marketing tool. It can have your business logo, name, phone number, email address; whatever you can think to have printed on it. You can give away custom ones with small file sizes for customers that they can use when they need. Alternatively, if you are selling something, say a product of some sort, you could have a product video loaded onto the custom drive so that the consumer can see it in action. Alternatively, maybe you are a software developer that has a patch to a program or added applications that can be used with the software. You can sell the custom drive for a small fee, and break even or make a profit because you bought the original custom drives in bulk. A "win-win" situation.

Maybe you have a wedding or family event, and you wanted to have everyone have access to photos or video of the special occasion. Buying custom flash drives can be loaded with those special memories and handed out to everyone, and the file size capacity does not have to be very large. Moreover, it can have the dates of the event, or engraved with names on it. There are many options that you can do to make each event magical.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the best storage size I should look at getting made for fun custom flash drives?

A: It depends on what you are putting onto the flash drive. If it is a short documentation about your business, or pictures of an event you hosted, you could probably look at something small, such as a 4gb drive. For something more substantial in size, you might want to look at 32gb or more.

Q: Is there a particular manufacturer that I should get for my custom flash drives?

A: Some manufacturers like Samsung or Intel may give you higher quality in a flash drive, but if you are buying in bulk, it might be safer to look at a manufacturer that has a lower quality but still offers the same results.

Q: Can I get a single flash drive made?

A: Some people may choose to get truly exciting custom drives made for birthdays or special events.

Now that you have looked into some of the options of fun custom flash drives research your local printing facility and also search online for opportunities of buying fun custom flash drives in bulk. They will make your next business venture or holiday event even more memorable than ever before.

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