Exciting Culinary Opportunities Are Waiting Through Meal Delivery Services

When it comes to delivery, almost anything is now available. One of the best places to take advantage of delivery is when it comes to food. While in the past, delivery was the domain of pizza and other fast to create food, modern delivery involves home meal delivery of refined and healthy foods.

Meal delivery has evolved and works for both cooked and uncooked options. The cooked option is obvious and simply provides meals ready to eat. The uncooked option is what has blown up in recent years. These will provide all fresh ingredients in perfect portion sizes. This allows the consumer a wider variety of options and a chance to increase their cooking skills. The biggest benefit of meal delivery service is time. People live hectic lives and it’s often difficult to find the time to go to the store and then cook. Meal delivery provides peace and ease of mind. The following companies are some of the most popular meal delivery services available.

1 – Blue Apron

Blue Apron provides people with the ingredients they need to make some beautiful meals. Meals come with the option to serve 2 or 4 people. Prices vary by region, but typically for a meal that serves 2, it will be $9.99 per person. Meals for 4 come in a little bit cheaper. Blue Apron allows people to choose their meals from hundreds of options each week. All ingredients are provided.

2 – Home Chef

Home Chef originated in Chicago and continues to spread and gain subscribers every week. Home Chef is much like others on this list and provides uncooked ingredients ready to cook along with the instructions designed by chefs for maximum ease. The meals available rotate on a weekly basis. This means that no one meal is going to become boring and predictable and choosing the new meals for the following week will be exciting. Each subscription will get a single shipment each week. Minimum is two meals per week.

3 – Sun Basket

Sun Basket started in San Francisco, which can often be seen in the decisions the company has made. Sun Basket focuses heavily on organic or on sustainable ingredients in the meals that are chosen. Sun Basket also offers meals which fit a wide variety of diets and lifestyles. Sun Basket has specific meals designed for diabetics, people with gluten allergies, those on the paleo diet as well as almost any meal requirements.

4 – Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is another wonderful meal delivery service which features recipes designed to be easily cooked after a long day of work. Unlike some other subscription plans, Hello Fresh meals will vary in price. This can work for some people who may be working on a smaller budget. Hello Fresh also doesn’t require commitments for it. There’s no penalties or fees when people want to skip a week or two. Meal kits are designed to fit easily into anyone’s fridge, so if 5 meals are purchased, it’s still going to be easy to handle. While many services focus exclusively on dinner meals, Hello Fresh also has a variety of quick to make lunch options available as well!

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