Every Cell Phone Release Seems To Get Better and Better

There are not many people who don’t rely on their phones. Having a portable micro-brain in your pocket capable of accessing almost any knowledge on the planet from anywhere is something that people are starting to take for granted. Smartphones continue to evolve with new versions being released every year. Each year brings improved or new features to our phones allowing us to do even more with them. While everyone is familiar with cameras and access to social media, many people use their phones for so much more! That being said, not all phones are the same. Each tends to have their own strengths and weaknesses. Along with that, the different prices for phones means that some will often provide increased value, while others may simply provide the best top end feature. This article is going to examine some of the best smartphones on the market. Before buying, make sure to do additional research and ensure you get the right phone for you since it can be quite the investment.

1 – Apple iPhone 14 Pro
There’s no one considering a phone that doesn’t know about the iPhone. The name recognition alone beats any other phone. There’s a lot to love with the iPhone, though of course there’s also some negatives. The iPhone 14 has an incredible 120Hz display and also has some of the best cameras of any smartphone. If you prefer a smaller screen, you can opt for the standard iPhone, but that’s going to boost the already high price. That brings up the number one fault for the iPhone Pro. The cost of entry is very high. In addition, Apple has a tendency to sell accessories and peripherals that can only work with their product. Other items work best when combined with Apple iPhones.

2 – Google Pixel 7
Google continues to be the phone for people who want to avoid the flagship offerings from Apple or Samsung. While those are often deemed too expensive, the Pixel tends to run around $600, making it the most inexpensive of the flagship models. Despite this, it’s an incredible piece of technology. The primary camera is arguably the best smartphone camera available today, making it the best smartphone camera to ever exist. In addition, the screen itself refreshes at 90Hz and is bright and easily readable. Some people need a larger screen than the 6.3 inch OLED option and will instead prefer the Pixel 7 Pro. The real advantage of the Pro is that it helps with the one weakness of the Pixel 7. That’s the battery. It’s slow to charge and it doesn’t have a particularly long lasting life in exchange. This combination keeps it from being the best option on the market today, but it’s mighty close and the best for anyone who wants pure value.

3 – One Plus 11
The One Plus 11 is a great phone. The screen is bright, the cameras are excellent and the price is pretty reasonable. So why isn’t it more popular among users? Part of it is that people don’t always fully trust the OnePlus brand due to it originating from China and have concerns about privacy. That being said, it’s an incredible phone with powerful cameras and a 6.7 inch screen. Despite the size, it remains a very thin and good looking phone. It is always using up to date versions of Android and will have the latest security updates. Really, the only problem with it is that it doesn’t do wireless charging.

4 – Samsung S23 Ultra
While some of the phones on this list are the standard versions of the flagship models for their brand, here we have the tippy top of the Samsung S ladder. The S23 Ultra is among the most expensive smartphones on the market, but it also manages to provide as many features as you could ever want. The cameras are incredible and offer really dense colors, arguably more dense than in real life. However, the selfie camera might be a bit on the weaker side when it’s darker out. In the end, if you have the cash and want the best Android phone regardless of price, then this is it.

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