Don’t Let Your Workout Apparel Let You Down

If you’re into working out, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right clothing and apparel. By picking the right choices, you ensure that your workout is maximized. Workout apparel needs to be light and allow a full range of movement. Workout apparel should also try to reduce the moisture from sweat. This can mean wicking materials are used, or simply allowing more airflow to reduce the amount of sweat created in the first place.

Both men and women need workout apparel that works for them. In most cases they are fairly similar. The following items are the must have items. These make or break your workout and help enjoy your exercise. As anyone who works out knows, enjoying your workout means you are more likely to keep at it and stay fit! 

1 – Athletic Shoes

The base of your athletic apparel starts at the base of your body. Both men and women need the same things from workout shoes. They need to support the foot and ankle. They need to provide solid traction so there is no potential slippage during an important movement. An under-rated aspect of workout shoes is that they should allow for proper airflow. This can keep feet from becoming too sweaty and damp. Damp feet can become a breeding ground for fungus and no one wants that! 

2 – Performance Shorts or Leggings

Some women prefer the feel of full leggings while working out, others prefer shorts. The same can be said for men, though the balance still run with shorts, leggings have become more in use, especially for those with high interest in weight lifting. Performance shorts should wick moisture and provide proper airflow. Leggings are especially great for moisture wicking as they make far more contact. Airflow may not be as good, but leggings offer incredible flexibility and range of movement. 

3 – Athletic Shirts

There’s a wide variety and range of shirts that can be worn. Athletic shirts need to avoid being binding and allow the arms to move as needed. T-shirts are probably still the most common, but tank tops are right there. Some people prefer some extra workout apparel and can get long sleeve t-shirts or workout sweatshirts. Workout hoodies are good too, especially if you’re someone who likes to workout outside in less than ideal weather. 

4 – Sports Bras

Admittedly, more women use these than men, but they are vital. A properly fitting sports bra is sort of the keystone to any workout. Ideal sports bras will often feature a seamless design. This is important for runners particularly, but is good for anyone. Extra cushioning on the straps can increase comfort. Many sports bras offer some extra ventilation to allow air to get in and sweat to stay away. 

5 – Athletic Socks

Arguably the most overlooked part of working out is a great pair of socks. Workout socks are often quarter length or ankle length. In addition, they may also have a vented area above the joints of the toes. This keeps airflow up, and sweat down in areas where athlete’s foot could be possible. Depending on the workout there are also athletic socks with additional heel and ankle support. These are great for activities where rolling an ankle is a possibility. 

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