Do Custom Pens Make Great Gifts?

When someone thinks about a customized pen, they think about businesses with their branding and contact information printed on its base. It is a great marketing and promotional tool, but did you know that you can give personalized pens as a gift to that particular person in your life, whether it be an employee, a family member, or a certain special someone? Luxury pens have made a comeback over the last five years, with journalists, writers, artists, and many more looking for that great and powerful writing or drawing utensil to use with their journals, notebooks, and sketch pads. A lot of luxury pen manufacturers offer not only a level of quality to every one of their pens, but also include customization to each, creating something that is one of a kind and memorable, as well as unique to the person receiving the gift. Also, there are more economical options out there if you want to save on business or personal expenses, but still give a customized pen that the recipient will remember for many years, and still have it look just as luxurious as an A.T. Cross, Castel or Mont Blanc pen. And with options like type, style, and functions, there are a lot of different pens to choose from and have customized.

Customized pens can have many different purposes as gifts. For instance, a life-changing event like graduating from high school or college is a great way to show the person that you believe that they are going places in their life and a personalized pen emits a level of professionalism that they will respect. Secondly, you could customize a pen for a loved one for an anniversary, birthday, or any other milestone in a person's life. Embossing how long a person has been alive, or how long your marriage has lasted can be very memorable. Or, maybe an employee just celebrated an anniversary at your place of business. Customizing their pen can have a couple of different uses, both for their benefit and yours. You could put a memorable quote that they are known for, or the years of service they have been with the company, or something personalized that you want to say to them. You could even put their name on the pen, so everyone at work knows who's pen it is. The second benefit, and the one that benefits your company is that you could have the company logo on it as well. That way, if the employee takes his pen outside of the office and uses it all the time, and other people notice his or her pen, and how beautiful it is, they can see that it comes from your business, thus promoting your company at the same time.

Questions To Think About When Shopping For The Right Customized Pen

Q: How much should I spend on a customized pen?

A: It depends on the individual and the reason for the gift. If you own a small company, you might consider getting an inexpensive pen that you can buy in bulk, stating a milestone that someone could have achieved once they have passed that specific level. Or, you could get a unique pen made by a pen company that specializes in quality engineering with their pens and has customization offers for you to choose, from their initials to their favorite quote.

Q: Are there some pens that are better than others?

A: It all depends on who you ask. Some prefer a Mont-Blanc, and some prefer a Fischer pen. There are so many quality pen companies out there that offer customization on their products that you can find a fancy pen that stands out or one that can write on any surface. The options are endless.

Q: Is there certain people that appreciate a customized pen than others?

A: Employees that receive a gift from their employer that is tailor-made for them has shown that they feel more appreciated and have more respect for their place of work. Family members who are looking at becoming business professionals or those that want to or already write for a living will respect having a quality writing pen that has been customized just for them, especially one that lasts a lifetime of use. Some pens have been known to keep writing over ten to fifteen years of use, if not more.

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