Different Cruise Lines Tend to Specialize In Different Features and Adventures

Going on a cruise is a unique type of vacation unlike any other. There’s certainly no other vacation where you’re being shuttled from destination to destination in luxurious high end super boats. Cruises give you a taste of luxury while you’re on the water, and the ability to sample a number of different cultures every time you get to port. The number of cruise itineraries are simply staggering too. Every area of the world seems to be covered with cruises of one type or another. This has certainly bred a large amount of competition and a number of different cruise lines to fill the demand. Rather than focus on “which cruise line is best” or anything so ambiguous, this article is going to try and focus on the things that a cruise line does well. The features that they are really known for. A cruise may not be the right vacation for everyone, but the people who love them swear by them.

1 – Norwegian Cruise Lines
Norwegian is a cruise line that happens to cruise in some of the most desired locations on the weather. This includes almost everywhere except for the Scandinavian region it’s named for. Caribbean, Mediterranean and Alaskan cruises are possible. What’s the best features? Luxury and flavor. The high end cabins are absolutely divine and seem like they should be located high in a Manhattan skyscraper hotel, rather than tons of floating metal. The other thing is their menu. Norwegian Cruise Lines often go really creative with their food. Exciting flavor combinations tend to go well beyond the normal fare. If there’s a downside however, there’s often an extra cost for the best food. Foodies should still be delighted though.

2 – Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises are found throughout the entire world and often have some cruises in areas of Asia, Africa and the Middle East that aren’t as common with other cruise lines. The greatest strength of Princess Cruises is their affordability. They have a lot of options tailored for people who are looking for quality, but have a budget for their vacation. This also means that they have several shorter cruise options instead of the 10-14 day cruises that a lot of cruise lines are offering. Another strength is the family friendly atmosphere. There’s a lot for children to do that’s both fun and educational as long as the kids are over 3 years old.

3 – Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity is much like Princess Cruises and heads to most of the world, but also has options in the West Caribbean. Celebrity excels when you’re looking to be entertained at night. They can feature stand up comedy, burlesque or other shows. There’s also usually multiple clubs and bars to enjoy some drinks while having a dance or two. If you need to relax after a long day, the spas are usually really well appointed and you can simply let the stress melt away. To allow parents to take advantage of these amenities, they have babysitting for the evening so that kids can be well looked after while parents get to enjoy some more adult adventures.

4 – Viking Ocean Cruises
Many people may have heard the name “Viking Cruises” and thought they only did river cruises. River cruises are an entirely different experience, but can be incredibly fulfilling as well. Viking has expanded to the oceans over the last few years and are trying to do it right. The number one feature for Viking Ocean Cruises is definitely their luxury. Every single cabin on a viking cruise ship will have their own private veranda, so you can always have the view of the ocean and coast that you desire. The overall experience is incredibly refined and elegant. However, this does mean that it’s intended more for adults. There’s nothing for children, making this a null option for family vacations.

5 – Disney Cruise Lines
Just as Viking is intended for adults, Disney is the number one cruise line if you’re looking to make sure everyone in the family has some fun. It’s not surprising that the strength of a Disney cruise is the entertainment and programming for the kids. There are incredible stage shows for the kids, pools and water slides also tend to be top notch. Taking care of children is easier too with extra amenities like diapers even available in the gift shop in case that hasn’t been planned for. Disney cruises are admittedly expensive, but perfect for the family.

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