Check Out These 5 Ways To Reduce Your Internet and Phone Bills

Mankind is a social creature. We like to live in communities. We want to know what’s going on with our friends and family. The main way we stay in touch is through the internet and phone. These two products give us access to the world. Information on any subject is available with a few keystrokes. Imagine what people would have thought one hundred years ago, if they were offered the ability to make instantaneous video calls to people on the other side of the planet. It would have been absolutely mind blowing. 

The downside to connectivity is often the price. There are many providers of internet and phone plans. These companies are trying to make as much money as they can. They are only going to go as low as they need to in order to get customers. However, you can save money on your internet and phone bills. Try some of these tips! Remember, just a few dollars per month in savings can mean hundreds each year. Savings add up quickly!

1 – Bundle And Save

This tip is fairly self explanatory. People who have their internet and mobile phone plan are probably leaving money on the table. If you are willing to move your service to one company, they will reward you by offering a discount. If you still use a home phone, that can often be worked into the prices as well. Typically a bundle will offer between 15% and 30% off the combined price of both plans. However, a little negotiating can often get some extra perks thrown in. Extra data is something many providers will bargain with. Just remember, when you’re working on your internet plan, if you don’t ask, they can’t say yes! 

2 – Prepare and Renegotiate

How often have you looked at some sale that’s going on from another service provider and thought, “Wow, I could save a lot of money”. However, then the hassle of switching over may enter your mind and finally you choose to avoid switching services. Customer retention is a big deal to phone and internet providers. They know full well how easy it could be to lose their customers. If you have been a customer for a few years, try calling up and renegotiating your plan. Do your research ahead of time. Find out what competitors are offering as a sale. If your provider isn’t willing to at least match those deals, then it may be time to switch for real! 

3 – Reduce Speeds

When it comes to internet, we keep hearing how blazing fast speed is making all the difference! However, do you really need that kind of speed? The number one use for internet is streaming. If you’re only streaming on one device at a time, some lower speed plans should have no problem keeping up. Now, if this plan is for a large family that streams three or four different things in different rooms, that’s another story. If you don’t stream, and you’re not an online gamer, then the lowest speed plans can save hundreds of dollars per year! 

4 – Purchase Your Hardware

You can save money every month by having your own hardware for your plans. Many mobile phone options will charge a fee when you get a new phone through them. Essentially this fee is the cost of the phone spread out over the length of the plan. It’s how you can get a $1200 phone for only $199 up front. But if you already have a great phone, or would prefer to buy a phone used, you can lose those heavy monthly fees. The same goes for the internet. Buying your own modem/router can get rid of those monthly fees. Typically you can get a good piece of equipment for less than the cost of renting one from your service provider. 

5 – Ditch Your Landline

Yes, you’ve had your landline for a long time. But if you are paying for your cell phone as well, what’s the point? Many people can switch their landline phone number to their cell phone number if that’s something they care about. The only real benefit to a landline is their use in emergency situations like power outages. However, if you don’t live in an earthquake, tornado or hurricane zone, the need for a landline definitely goes down. 

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