Car Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be a Complicated Purchase

Apart from New Hampshire and Virginia, all U.S. states require drivers carry minimum amounts of auto insurance to legally operate their vehicles. It’s a crime to drive without auto insurance, one which may result in fines, driver’s license suspensions, and registration suspensions among other penalties if the lapse is discovered. Many people avoid car insurance in fear that it’s too complicated or expensive, but it needn’t be that way. This protection offers financial security that every driver needs when they're out and about on the roadways. Car insurance is fairly simple when you know the basics. If you’re still hoping to learn more about car insurance, then read on to get some basic information that you can use in your future decisions. 

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurance covers the costs of injuries and damages caused to the other driver involved in an at-fault accident, up to the policy amount. At least, that’s the case if you choose a state-required only policy. Additional insurance is available that covers your own damages and injuries, but it isn't always a good investment for every driver. Collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, and PIP are among the additional types of coverage you may want to add to your policy. Talk to an agent concerning the various types of auto insurance coverage if you want more protection than a state-required policy offers. You may also increase coverage amounts if you wish. Considering the average accident costs just over $30,000, it is beneficial to increase the policy limits.

How to Get a Deal on Car Insurance

If you fear the cost of car insurance, take a deep breath and prepare to get a great deal on your coverage when you put forth a few secret weapons. The best technique for saving money on car insurance is comparisons. When you compare costs with a few companies, it's easy to discover firsthand where the best prices are found. It doesn't cost a dime to compare; only a short amount of your time. Keep in mind that most auto insurance companies offer discounts that chop off some of the costs of coverage. Ask for discounts if they’re not offered when you inquire of a policy. You can also get discounts if you bundle together other forms of insurance with car insurance. 

Popular Car Insurance Providers

Some car insurance providers have earned a reputation around the country. They’re known for great policies, great prices, great customer service, and all of the other qualities that make a company great. Choose one of the most popular names and you’ll reward yourself with these benefits and more. Some of the top auto insurance providers include:

  • Geico: Founded in 1936, it's been in recent years with help from some pretty quirky commercials that Geico has entered the spotlight. Nowadays, drivers trust the company to give them affordably priced insurance with all the extras thrown in the mix.
  • Progressive: Ranked highly competitive in rates by J.D. Power & Associates, Progressive Insurance has been offering coverage since 1971. The company is most known for its 'Name Your Price' tool.
  • Allstate: You're in good hands with Allstate, as the company's slogan says. Insure with this company and you've taken a step toward getting affordable coverage, an abundance of discounts, and an easy claims process.
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