A Unique Vacation Idea Could Provide You With Memories to Last a Lifetime

There’s a great big world out there. Traveling on vacation can allow you to see wonderful sights that you’d never get to see close to home. It can allow you to taste flavors of food you may have never considered. You can take part in activities that thrill and excite you. You can learn about cultures completely foreign to your way of life. Going on vacation can be an exciting activity, but in some cases, they can be pretty similar. Beach vacations may show off different cultures, but are going to boil down to nice weather and relaxing. There’s nothing wrong with that, but many people want something a bit different or exciting. This article is going to take a look at some of the unique vacation ideas available to the world. It may be scenery, activities or any unique feature that makes them so interesting. Hopefully if you love traveling the world, you’ll at least be inspired by one of these ideas and come up with your own vacation.

1 – Galapagos Islands:
For people who love nature, there’s few places that are as unique and exciting as the Galapagos islands. Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, you can see many of the same features as he did before writing the Origin of Species. The Galapagos is home to a number of unique and wonderful species of animal seen nowhere else in the world. Many people will experience the Galapagos from a small cruise liner, heading inland during the day to sample the scenery and the museums.

2 – Izu Islands, Japan:
These are a set of 9 volcanic islands that are located by Tokyo. These islands are located above a series of active volcanoes, making them more exciting than just a standard island. Each of the islands has their own beauty, with some having gorgeous white sand beaches, and others fully forested and full of hiking trails. The Izu islands make a wonderful contrast from Tokyo and can make for a nice switch if you’ve chosen to visit the Japanese megapolis.

3 – Train Vacations, Various:
Many people love riding on trains and there’s a variety of exciting vacations that can take place on trains that are specifically designed and created for vacationers. They can be as short a couple of days, or as long as two weeks. People will get their own sleeper cars and partake of a number of great food options. One way to think of a train vacation is that it’s similar to a land cruise. You’ll get to stop in interesting places and you’ll get to see incredible scenery. Some of the most exciting train vacations are located domestically around Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Internationally, India has some exciting train holidays that often feature very luxurious accommodations.

4 – Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan:
Here we have another unique vacation unlike many others. The beauty of the desert is contrasted by the harshness of staying there. Thankfully, if you choose to head to the Wadi Rum you can find a variety of camps which are set up to ensure you stay in a fair amount of comfort. You’ll receive transit to your camp. Why? Because you can’t get there on your own! This should help demonstrate how remote and unique it is. In the past many movies have been filmed in this location due to the unique vistas and the red dessert. Arguably the most famous movie filmed in the region was Lawrence of Arabia. There’s a lot of other exciting things to see in Jordan too including Petra, so you don’t need to stay at Wadi Rum for the full duration of a trip.

5 – Southeast Asian Road Trip:
This could be held in a few different countries. Vietnam and Thailand are both common, but Cambodia and Malaysia also work. One of the best ways to see these countries is through your own road trip as you go from town to town through picturesque scenery. This is even more fun when you do the trip on a motorcycle. As the primary mode of transportation in these countries, you’ll fit right in and can better experience the world around you as you travel.

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