A Good Home Gym Starts With the Right Equipment

Many people don’t enjoy going to a private gym. There’s a lot of reasons for this. Expensive memberships and pushy salespeople are never enjoyable. Being around a large number of people all trying to use the same equipment can be frustrating as well. Just the time spent traveling to and from the gym will add up. Instead of heading out, a lot of people have chosen to instead set up a home gym. There’s a lot of different equipment that can be purchased which will offer a full workout to anyone at home. What’s more, you can make sure that you’re performing exercises that you want to in order to target the areas of your body you want to improve and tone. A home gym has a lot of benefits and there’s a lot of options when it comes to setting one up. But to start, you need to consider the type of equipment you want.

1 – Treadmill:
A treadmill is one of the most popular options at the home gym. It’s perfect for those who wish to get a cardio workout and enjoy walking and jogging. Treadmills are customizable and allow the users to slow them down as much as needed, or to speed it up when they are ready to jog. A good treadmill can also adjust the incline to make it more difficult and burn more calories as you’re walking or running up a hill. Since treadmills are hands free and keep you in a good position, they are great choices if you want to exercise while watching some TV.

2 – Stationary Exercise Bike:
For people who love the concept of a bike, but want to avoid the chance of a car hitting them on the street, the exercise bike is a great option. Like the treadmill, you are stationary, so it’s easy to watch television or movies while you work out. Exercise bikes offer adjustments to resistance to make biking harder and allow for more calories to be burned. Many of the most modern options will even offer subscriptions to spin classes and the like to ensure that you stay motivated from outside sources. The Peloton is an expensive but good example of that.

3 – Free Weights/Dumbbells:
Some free weights are an absolute must for a home gym. Free weights allow you to perform a number of different exercises with your arms, working multiple potential muscle groups depending on your preferred exercises. It should be noted that free weights can add up financially if you’re getting a large number of different weights. It’s best to settle on a few weight groups. If that’s not good enough, there are now adjustable free weight sets, which allow you to take on differing amounts of the weight to ensure you’re always using the right amount.

4 – Resistance Bands:
Resistance bands are an often underappreciated piece of exercise equipment for the home gym. Their reason is simple. It’s versatile. Resistance bands allow for a huge number of exercises to be completed. Furthermore, they also allow for the difficulty of many exercises to increase as the person gets stronger or more in shape. THe increased resistance gives more of a challenge. No home gym should go without them.

5 – Heavy Bag:
The actions of boxing are one of the best workouts you can try. A heavy bag is a great way to partake, without ending up getting hit back! Heavy bags need to be set up correctly. Due to their weight, it’s possible that some additional support may need to be attached to the ceiling to ensure that the heavy bag isn’t going to cause any damage, or move around more than it should. Once it’s up, take advantage of a wide number of boxing workouts that are provided online to learn the footwork and striking motions that make up one of the best home gym workouts possible.

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